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Zendaya visits Tom Holland for a London family homecoming before movie with his mother and brothers

Zendaya and Tom Holland are getting serious and are starting to spend time with each other’s families. The couple were spotted last week with Tom’s family heading to the Theatre. The two travelled in style, taking a chauffeur driven car to the Palace Theatre to see Harry Potter and the Cursed Child on Saturday. Joining them was Tom’s mother Nikki and brothers Harry, Paddy and Sam.

Before heading to the theatre, Zendaya and Tom stopped off at Tom’s family home where they arrived in Tom’s Porche. Though the trip was short thought to have last around 45 minutes Zendaya arrived with Jo Malone gifts for the family.

She opted to go casual for the visit wearing a beige fleece and tracksuit bottoms. Tom also opted to go casual in jeans and pink jumper. She changed into something less casual as she headed to the theatre wearing a long charcoal winter coat. Tom also opted for smart casual and was seen putting on a navy blue jacket as he climbed out of the car.

The couple have definitely become closer and it is nice to see the two spending time with each others families.

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