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Zendaya is trending and the reason will send you in depression

Be honest, how hard you have tried to get attention online?

You might have jumped in a discussion on social issue and dropped an awesome, out of box solution.

What do you get? one like and two retweets? Honestly sometimes not even that.

We always wonder if there is a trick to get attention on social media or people hear our ideas but there is no one to appreciate and even you get your hashtags sorted perfectly, you get 3000 impressions and the same one like, two retweets.

Today while we were refreshing and waiting for one single notification from the twitter handle, a pretty, shining and refreshing selfie appeared on the feed and it was tough to take the eyes off.

Zendaya is trending on twitter just for posting her selfies, the visual treat has broken the internet and fans are as excited as Vladimir Putin has himself delivered the Coronavirus vaccine to them.

Someone just said "I want the sun Zendaya uses"

We still did not get the solution or trick to get the social media attention but being yourself and being natural actually helps provided you have people already liking you.

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