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Zac Efron's Relationship Status, Single, Complicated or Still Together With Vanessa Valladares?

News has been making the rounds that Zac Effron split from his girlfriend, but so is the news that the two never split so what exactly happened? We bring you a rundown of all you need to know about their relationship.

Who is Zac Efron?

We should hope he needs no introductions, however for those that do not know, Zac Efron is the well known, super hot actor known for his roles in High School Musical trilogy as well as Hairspray and the comedy 17 again. The 33 year old has been dating the beautiful Australian Vanessa Valladares, 25.

When did Zac Efron start dating Vanessa Valladares?

Back in June, locals saw them him hanging around in Byron Bay’s general store café. According to People Magazine and the Daily Mail Vanessa Valladares waited tables there. She went on to quit her job at the restaurant as she was an "aspiring model."

Things moved fast and three months after meeting in June 2020, the Daily Mail reported Valladares had moved in with Efron. In July the relationship was pretty much confirmed when photos showed the two arriving from a ski trip at Ballina airportand since then lots of PDA.

Who was Zac Efron dating prior to Vanessa Valladares?

Prior to that he had been in low key relationship with his 'Neighbors' co-star Halson Sage and was linked to her at the start of 2020 since 2014. Back then it was reported that the two were pretty much in love, but she didn’t quite make it with his move to Australia.

So after his newfound romance with Vanessa so soon, at the pace things were going it was either love or a re-bound. Reports and rumors started making the rounds around end November that he had split from Vanessa. However this may just have been false rumours.

Did he ever break up with Vanessa Valladares?

According to HollywoodLife a source close to the two exclusively told Hollywood Life that they never actually broke up.

Hollywood Life reports;

“Zac and Vanessa never broke up,” insisted their source.
“The rumors that they split are simply untrue. Zac’s career is going to have him constantly traveling and at this point in his life it would be nearly impossible for him to stay in one place for any extended period of time.
That’s one of the things that Zac appreciates about Vanessa so much is that she understands his lifestyle and just goes with the flow.”

Why are people speculating Zac broke up with Vanessa?

Maybe his change in address caused the rumors of a breakup. In early November, he left east coast of Australia where he had been with Vanessa to be in south Australia. All this is fine of course, everyone relocates but two things played on people’s minds; firstly that the move was all of a sudden and secondly he hadn't come back to visit, however turns out it was to shoot a new movie in Adelaide and COVID kept them apart.

According to HollywoodLife, the source says;

“He couldn’t go back to Byron Bay to see Vanessa since he had to quarantine because of the pandemic.
Vanessa headed there to see Zac and he couldn’t have been more excited to see her.
Zac is so happy with Vanessa and the distance hasn’t taken a toll on their relationship whatsoever."

Is he actually happy with Vanessa?

Reports have said that Zac is actually very happy with his new girlfriend especially since she isnt from holywoood but still fits in comfortably.

“She’s so down to earth and really doesn’t care about impressing people because she has such a laid back personality and doesn’t stress over the details.”

Not only this but Zac has actually always been keen for her to meet his family. He is pretty close to his dad David, mother Starla and brother Dylan and just knows that they will all like her;

“Even though Zac already knows they'll adore Vanessa and he’s talked plenty about her to them, he wants them to actually meet her because their approval is everything to him,” the source continued.

Will he take her with him if he moves?

The source goes on to tell HollywoodLife that Zac is due to star in Three men and a Baby production which hasn’t started. He actually doesn’t know if Vanessa will come with him. The source says;

“He and Vanessa don’t know whether or not she’ll come with him when he films if it’s somewhere other than Australia, or if she’ll stay behind while he shoots, but nothing is finalized at the moment.”


Of course this so called source could be anyone, maybe Zac hasn’t broken up with her afterall. Maybe she is his true love of maybe it really is all true. Tell us what you think.

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