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‘You’re So Handsome’: NBC News Townhall Questioner Compliments Trump On His Smile

President Trump certainly has a personality and his charm with the ladies is unquestionable. His flamboyance, charisma and past track record has made him a mass leader and receiving compliments is nothing new for him, but after being elected as the President this was one of the rare moments when President Trump received a surprise compliment on his smile.

( Watch Donald Trump Town Hall With Voters | Election 2020 | NBC News )

It came from a questioner at NBC News’ town hall who made the President blush as she repeatedly praised Trump for his smile and told him he was “so handsome”.

“You’re so handsome when you smile.” Questioner Paulette asked.

Paulette Dale, a second-generation immigrant from Eastern Europe and a registered Republican since 2016, has asked Trump about his immigration policies, stating that being an immigrant, the immigration policy is "very close to my heart.

October 16th was scheduled for the Presidential debate between POTUS and Democratic nominee Joe Biden, but President Trump became infected with Coronavirus and organizers planned to conduct a virtual debate. President Trump refused to take part in the virtual debate, calling it a waste of time.

So there were two town halls that were happening in parallel: While President Trump attended the NBC town hall, Democratic nominee Joe Biden made his appearance at ABC town hall.

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