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YG Entertainment Might Not Delete Jennie’s Scene Playing As A Nurse After The Latest Support

How many times have you seen a nurse wearing short dresses? Not many times right. How many you have seen a nurse wearing sexy outfits in movies mostly RomComs, you can’t really count right? The question is did it ever bother you? Have you ever heard of any outrage over such creativity? Mostly not.

Welcome to 2020 when people are worried about a girl posing as a nurse with her skirt at knee length, it is causing discomfort to some netizens.

A scene in the "Lovesick Girls" MV where member Jennie appeared as a nurse is what has caused the controversy.

But the question is what happened to the moral value of these people when Bradley Cooper played a role of a hot school teacher something that’s far from reality or Cameron Diaz played the role of Elizabeth Halsey in Bad Teacher.

We are not trying to generalize or say that teachers cannot be hot but real life is always different from what we see as part of the creativity and imagination in the Entertainment industry.

According to AllKPop website the discomforted people with high morality have watched, took the screenshots and started writing opinions as they claimed that Jennie's outfit "sexualized" the nurse image with a tight-fitting, short dress and red high heels. Once the topic garnered attention, representatives from the Korean Health and Medical Workers Union also stepped up to express negative opinions regarding the nurse outfit.

And in a shocking move YG Entertainment issued an official statement of response after a scene in BLACKPINK's "Lovesick Girls" MV became a heated topic of debate on online communities.

"First and foremost, we would like to relay our deep respect once again to the professional nurses who are fighting on the front lines, always watching over patients on site."

They further tried to explain the context and why the scene was not an intention to sexualize any profession. They added;

“The scene intended no other purpose, and we feel concerned that this scene has fallen under exaggerated scrutiny. “

And also communicated they are considering editing the scene in question.

What to expect now, there is always an other side and after YG Entertainment issued the statement, they have triggered and also confused what is sexualizing in Jennie’s scene playing as a nurse.

Fans are literally doing everything to convince YG Entertainment not to delete the scene;

We cannot say it is out of hand already as Jennie and YG Entertainment will make the decision but people coming in their support will help them reconsider.

The music video has over 100 million views on YouTube, and the album containing the song reached No. 1 on iTunes in over 50 regions upon its release.

The question is what change is it going to bring to society and how will it still be relevant after 100 million people have already watched it. Please let us know which side you are on, should they delete it or should they just move ahead.

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