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Ye's new girlfriend is starting to wear the exact same outfits as his ex Kim Kardashian

Ye’s new girlfriend Julia Fox is being accused of copying his ex- Kim Kardashian’s style but Julia really doesn’t care. In fact she just soaks it up and just wants to make Kanye happy.

Their whirlwind romance has attracted a lot of attention particularly since he was asking Kim to run back to him and then shortly after met Julia after which Kim became a distant memory. Critics claimed that their romance was staged to get back at Kim and that Julia was only with Ye for fame and money. Julia and Ye have both denied the claims and have been spotted attending high profile where Julia has stolen the show with her clothing which has been surprisingly similar to how Kim Kardashian dresses.

In fact on Saturday 22 January, Julia even wore the exact same Balenciaga boots that Kim Kardashian is known for. She was spotted recently even wearing the exact same dress as the one worn by Kim.

However according to a source speaking to Hollywood life, Julia “is no copycat!”

“She is her own accomplished woman,” the insider claimed.

“Julia knows what she is getting into dating Kanye and the comparisons that will be put on her. She is a strong woman who gets things done and that is why Kanye is so attracted to her. She is not stressing on the outside noise, and she is looking forward to what can be created with Kanye moving forward.”

As for how Kanye feels about people comparing Julia to his ex, turns out Kanye is more open with Julia and doesn’t mind her openly talking about their relationship and of course Julia is loving all the attention she is getting at the same time according to sources.

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