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Woman pays $100k to fraudster claiming to be BRUNO MARS

If Bruno Mars contacted me on Instagram and asked me out on a date I would definitely question what on earth is going through his mind. With my 300 subs on this channel I am not exactly the most sought after person, otherwise I would at least have 1,000 subs, right? Clearly the person expressing his interest is probably not Bruno Mars.

Well a 63 year old woman did believe that she was in fact in a relationship with Bruno Mars who even managed to con her of $100,000 after convincing her that she was romantically involved with him. Crazy right though we have to say somewhat sad.

She claims that he connected with her on Instagram in 2018. Clearly she wasn’t that familiar with Instagram otherwise she may have checked whether it was his actual verified Insta account.

Somehow this woman managed to fall in love with this imposter and was convinced he was real because he sent her evidence to prove it and what evidence could that be? Some pictures of him on tour, probably taken from the real singers account or google.

When she reported the crime, she revealed she made the account because she needed some companionship. Unfortunately for her what she found was some sick con artist who managed to trick her into sending him two checks - one for $10,000 and another for $90,000.

Ok, not going to lie but the real Bruno Mars would definitely not be asking for that. But that’s not all, the request was actually made after knowing her for just a bit over a month between September and October 2018.

He told her it was because he needed it for “tour expenses” and that she should send the funds to a “friend of the band” and apparently he had even promised to leave the tour for her.

Turns out the cheque she wrote two days apart was sent to someone called Chi Autos. So not even a believable name. Maybe he should have gone with Ed Sheeran or maybe that’s not convincing either.

The money was actually for Chinwendu Azuonwu who has been charged with third-degree felony money laundering after the $90k was found in his bank account. Turns out he has an accomplice called Basil Amadi who was also charged with money laundering.

Wow, lesson learnt, not to trust Bruno Mars and definitely not to trust anyone who asks for 100k after a month of knowing you.

We leave you with actual images of the three;

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