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Will Smith and Jamie Foxx are being compared to each other on Twitter

Twitter is once again comparing Will Smith to Jamie Foxx and we have to say there is no clear winner.

For those wondering where it all started from, according to a user there was a tweet about who was the most successful rapper turned actor which then led to many comparing the two.

Fans of Will Smith believe he is of course;

However, many countered those examples given saying it was in fact Jamie Fox who was more talented.

Others thought the real reason why people liked will smith is because of his personality rather than his acting talents. One user wrote;

Some users tried to remain balanced and felt it was a close call but the two have different skills. One user wrote;

This isn’t the first time the two have been compared, just back in September 2020 many wanted Jamie Foxx to participate in a Verzuz style acting battle head-to-head with Will Smith which he declined as he would much rather see one with Denzel Washington and Al Pacino according to HipHop.

As one user pointed out;

That is true there is a lot of comparison between the two. Maybe Will Smith was better in the past but Jamie Foxx is more up and coming but that is just our opinion. Tell us what you think.

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