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Why Larsa Pippen is choosing to stay quiet about Kim Kardashian and Kanye divorce

Not so long ago Larsa Pippen was an integral part of Kardashian Jenner appearances and parties before their fall out in summer of 2020 when Kim and sister Kourtney, 41, unfollowed Larsa on social media and their friendship appeared to be over.

Now as there is report of Kim splitting with Kanye West, people are wondering how does Larsa feel about the whole situation. We think she is in catch 22 as lamenting over the split will expose her double standards as recently she was in a way responsible for breaking up the marriage of Montana Yao with Malik Beasley.

Reports also suggest Larsa has decided not to be involved or comment on any development related to the split of her ex BFF Kim Kardashian and late night chit chat pal Kanye West.

A source close to Larsa has revealed her stand to some tabloids saying:

“Larsa plans on staying in her own lane and staying out of other people’s drama in 2021. She’s been too busy working on her Larsa Marie jewellery line, spending time with friends and family, and she isn’t focused on other people’s lives.”

“Kim and Kanye’s relationship has nothing to with her and she’s making a point to mind her own business,” the source explained.

On November 9th 2020 talking to Hollywood Podcast Larsa talked about her fall out with Kardashians for the first time, acknowledging Kim as her sister and blaming Kanye, stating that he had a bigger role to play as according to her, Kanye was threatened by her proximity with his wife.

“If your husband feels, like, threatened by my relationship with you, then I don’t want to be that person,” Larsa explained.

Larsa even went as far as claiming Kanye “brainwashed” Kim and the Kardashian-Jenner family against her.

According to the source,

"Larsa has said all she had to say about the Kar-Jen family and will focus on her life as she has moved on and is living her best life.”

Hmm good for her, but why was Kanye threatened by Larsa, may be he thought she is bad company for his wife, maybe one of the two wanted to take advantage leading to infidelity or it was attention that Kanye was not getting when Larsa was around.

Whatever it might be, clearly Larsa is not in a position right now to speak about relationships as she herself is in a kind of mess and her recent interest in a married man half her age has brought her a lot of backlash.

Keeping quiet and letting the people forget is the strategy it seems, what do you think?

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