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Why is Kendall Jenner called boring and rude?

Pretty much everyone would agree that Kendall Jenner is beautiful but she certainly is not considered to be the most fun of the Kar-Jenner clan. Many struggle to form their views on her. You get those that like her as she is the most normal one of the Kar-Jenner family, then there are those that feel sorry for her for being the odd one out and having to actually put up with the Kar-Jenners. Let’s face it, there are some colourful personalities in that family.

Many find her uninteresting and have nicknamed her Candle Jenner as they find her modelling and personality as boring as that of a candle. While others have made claims that she is simply not a very nice person. We tell you all you need to know about Kendall Jenner and where she has got this reputation from.


Why do people think Kendall Jenner is boring?


Uninspiring modelling pictures

Ok, let’s deal with the the so called boring personality. While the model is successful and has been on the cover of various magazines including Vogue, critics believe her performance is mediocre and she lacks energy and passion and her pictures are uninspiring. Her success is thought to be attributable mainly to her family’s fame and wealth.

Afterall momager Kris has made sure she sets her daughter’s up to make money, although how far they go is down to them. Sister Kylie and Kim have definitely gone much further than Kendall if they were to be judged by how much money they have.

Boring Instagram and TikTok

Of course there is still time to make something of Kendell and she is definitely starting to get more noticed in the modelling world but there is still no personality coming through that would make her relatable. She takes no strong views, lives in her own bubble and has no thoughts on most matters. Her TikTok is filled with fashion shows she has done or modelling pictures she has taken, her Instagram is also not so inspiring according to many.

KUWTK staged fight not drama enough

Of course momager Kris Jenner has tried to give her a personality by what some may call staging a fight with Kylie Jenner on Keeping Up With The Kardashians over an outfit. Although that blew over pretty quickly and the two sister just became friends again and despite their best attempt it wasn’t dramatic enough to keep people interested.

Her friends including her date, Harry Styles thought she was boring

It could be that Kendall is just reserved and chooses not to share certain things. However you would think that as a minimum your friends don’t think you are boring. Otherwise why would they even be your friend. Unfortunately for Kendell the boring reputation exists even amongst friends. It is thought that Harry Styles briefly dated Kendell Jenner in 2013 to 2014, though they never really confirmed.

However If there was any romance it was short lived and according to many media outlets at the time, reportsclaimedthat Harry likes Kendall a lot more for her looks than for her wit. “Harry finds Kendall one of the most boring people he has ever met,” a source close to Harry reportedly told the Daily Starin 2013. Ouch. Not to worry they remained sort of on and off friends apparently. Although we would like to know if she is that boring what exactly do they talk about?

Justin Bieber doesn't think she is cool

More recently In a fun tiktok video kendall who is friends with Hailey Bieber asked if Justin thought she was cool. Hailey beiber looked pretty guilty but politely responded with of course. However you can’t fool the lie detector and she was caught out. “That is a lie” is the response they received.


Why do people think Kendall Jenner is rude?


Maybe not saying too much is better for her as she has also got a reputation of not being nice. Instead of voicing views, her approach is to just be rude by not saying anything at all. That should explain why people think she is boring and rude.

Kendall Jenner is rude to waitresses

In 2014, Page 6 reported that Kendall once left a restaurant without paying her bill as the restaurant refused to serve her alcohol for being underage. When the server Blaine Morris ran out to ask for the money which was around $60 she threw the money at him.

A source claimed;

“Kendall took a couple of $20 bills out of her wallet, threw them at the server and walked away, not even counting if it was enough or if it included a tip.”

Morris, who was an actor on the MTV show Skin, tweeted, “That horrible moment you chase a Kardashian down the street because she forgot to pay her bill to be thrown money in your face.”

Of course her attorney denied the report. Apprently she was “extremely apologetic” and “politely handed” Morris $33 plus $7 in tips.We would believe that story if others including Julia Carolan hadn’t made a TikTok video stating how cold Kendall Jenner is towards staff.

“She used to come in all the time and was pretty cold toward staff,” Carolan said in a video. “She also usually has someone speak for her and doesn’t speak directly toward staff.”

In August 2020, another user @_sincindy, posted a series of video titled, “Rating celebs I’ve met working at LAX.” Jenner was one of the celebrities @_sincindy encountered and there did not seem to be too many kind words for Kendall Jenner.

She was given a “2/10” rating, and @_sincindy said in one video,

“Every time she flew out she was not really friendly to anybody and just walked around really arrogant.”

Kendall Jenner is rude to YouTubers

If you thought she was just rude waiters, think again. YouTubers have also been on the receiving end. In an experience described by YouTuber Annie Mishler, Kendall was very rude when they hung out. Mishley claims;

"We were all hanging out, playing video games, and eating Gold Fish,” she said.
“And she was sitting there on the bed the whole time, not saying a word. If someone asked her a question, she was like, 'No, ugh.’
Just literally so snippy, so negative, so just...rude.”

Kendall Jenner shoved a security guard

In 2018 she went as far as pushing a security guard out of the way. Fans watching the 2018 Met Gala live stream were shocked when they saw Kendall "shove" a security guard that was in her shot out of the way. Many on Twitter thought it was rude, but some defended her by saying it was more of a gentle nudge.

Later that same day she was caught shoving or nudging another assistant out of the way. Maybe Kendall just likes gentling nudging people ? Who knows.

Kendall Jenner has been rude to supermodels

Being a supermodel maybe she gets on better with others in the modelling industry, but that is not so in Kendall Jenner’s case. She pretty much offended the entire industry by criticizing models for not being more selective with their jobs.

"I was never one of those girls who would do, like, 30 shows a season or whatever the f--k those girls do,” she told Love magazine.

Ok, Kendall not everyone comes from a super rich family. Some people need to work. Russian model Daria Strokous made that clear too.

“‘Whatever the f--k those girls do’ is do their very best to make their way up AND try to make some money so that they can provide for themselves and their families," she wrote in an Instagram story.

Kendall Jenner is neglectful to dogs and horses

Ok, so far Kendall doesn’t like waiters, youtubers, security guards and models. Maybe she gets on better with animals, afterall a dog is a man’s best friend or so they say but not in Kendall’s case. In an episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians Kendall's neglectfulness in taking care of her Great Dane puppy Blu was actually captured on camera.

"Mom is being so annoying with Blu," Kendall told big sis Kim Kardashian in the episode.
"She won't stop complaining about him."

Kim replied;

"I'd be annoyed, too. You're never home with the dog." When Kendall tried to defend herself that she was only away for "two weeks."

Kim told her that was a lie.

"You were gone for legit a month," she said. "And you left, not even a dog, you left a horse. Outrageous."


So there you have it folks, if you were wondering why no one likes Kendell Jenner this should give you some insight. Of course there are two side to every story and people do change. Maybe Kendell Jenner will change with time. Whether you like her or not we expect to see a lot more from her in the future if momager Kris Jenner has anything to with it, but we are keen to hear your thoughts so please leave them in the comment box. Like share and subscribe for more.

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