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Why Girls Don’t leave

Girls often stay in relationships out of obligation, guilt or because they have been pressured into it. This article submitted by our contributor explores the dynamics of relationships amongst parents, arranged marriages and pressures of society making it difficult for a girl to leave. It doesn't matter what part of the world you are in, I am sure women everywhere can relate in some way.

By Have It All Daily Contributor, MAIRA ZAHID

Girls don't leave because they are brought up like this. Girls don't leave because they have to raise a new generation. If a girl is a daughter, she has to fulfil so many responsibilities. She has to suffer a lot of challenges. She has to take care of her father's honour. She has to leave her own desires for the sake of her parents.

If she leaves someone then she is awarded with the title of fraudulent.

How can someone judge her without knowing her intentions? How can a girl leave her parents for the sake of one man?

If a girl is a wife she doesn't leave the person which her parents choose for her (where the marriage was arranged). She spends her whole life with him without even knowing him for the rest of her life. She is emotionally blackmailed to not leave her husband's house until her last breath, even if the person she marries doesn't respect her. She has to sacrifice her many dreams for the interest of her husband.

Being a mother she cannot leave her kids even if her kids are disobedient to her. She passes her whole life by exhausting herself for her kids but what she gets in the end is to spend her remaining life in an old age home.

I remember I met a lady spending her last days in an old age home and still hoping that one day her son will come to take her.

At last, I want to give a piece of advice to everyone out there reading this for God's sake don't disrespect a girl for leaving. Don't judge her. You don't know what kind of pain she is suffering from. You don't know what kind of challenges she is facing in her daily life.

Please don't judge her if she is bold. Maybe she is bold because of the attitude of society towards her. Make this society so perfect that women can walk alone even at 3:00 am. Groom your sons to be better men. Teach them to respect the opinions of women and to not judge them.


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