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Why doesn't anyone want to be friends with Kylie Jenner?

23 year old Kylie Jenner has it all, she is rich, beautiful, has an amazing daughter and is certainly the envy of many, but it may seem one thing is missing from her life which has left fans confused. She pretty much has no close friends. So why does no one want to be friends with Kylie Jenner? Is it because they are jealous of her success, she is tough to get along with or simply that she doesn’t want them. Afterall she is public about friends she has lost trust in over the years. We bring you all you need to know about Kylie Jenner and her circle of friends.

Tammy Hembrow

Let’s start with Tammy Hembrow. Tammy was a blogger and Instagram fitness guru and a part of Kylie’s inner circle, but one thing about Kylie is that she does not like her friends being linked to anyone she has ever dated and Tammy made the mistake of getting close to Tyga in Jan 2019.

The two apparently got together after his show in Australia. Although Tammy says it was all a misunderstanding. Nonetheless Kylie had made up her mind and the friendship was pretty much over.

Jordyn Woods

Next is Jordyn Woods, the one girl that Kylie did everything with. The two were inseparable but all came crumbling down when Tristain Thompson, the father of Khloe’s baby and Jordyn were caught sharing a kiss at a party. Blood is definitely thicker than water when it comes to the Kardashians and in this case led to Kylie and all her family removing Jordyn from their lives. All social media posts were deleted, Jordyn was thrown out of Kylie’s mansion and what was worse is Kylie had actually named one of her lip kits after her which was reduced to half price and then never restocked.

Sofia Richie

When Kylie went through all this, she decided to be-friend Sofia Richie who became her new best friend in July 2019. The two were attached at the hip and were often spotted together. Sofia even referred to Kylie as her best friend in one of the videos posted of Kylie's 22nd birthday in Italy, but this was also short lived.

When Kourtney Kardashian's ex Scott Disick broke up with Sophia in August 2020, Kylie decided to part ways. Sophia pretty much disappeared from Kylie’s Instagram stories. Neither of them has said why, but it is obvious that they are not friends.

Of course this raised some speculation. Seems like fans wondered if Kourtney had anything to do with this and wondered if this was an attempt to show Sophia what it's like to be young free and single so that Sophia will want that lifestyle and break up with Scott who will then want to be with Kourtney. Nice story however Scott moved on to the younger Amelia Hamlin.

Justine Skye

Then there was Justine Skye who Kylie de-friend for no real reason, except she dated Travis Scott back in 2016 who Kylie later went on to have daughter Stormi with. Irony is, at the time Kylie herself was dating Tyga and hadn’t even had any form of relationship with Travis Scott until 2017. However when she did start dating him, she decided to cut out all his exes from her friendship group and that included Justine.

All was forgotten until fans reminded Kylie of her own double standards and that she had stolen Travis Scott when the Jordyn Woods scandal broke out in 2019.

One fan wrote;

'All Kardashians liked to steal men from their friends.'

Another comment read;

'Kylie why are you so thirsty for everyone else's man go buy some more lips'

After Kylie started complaining to the media about how she felt betrayed by Jordan one fan tweeted;

'Kylie Jenner had an entire baby for justine skye's ex-boyfriend. The Kardashians can spare me with their morality.'

Victoria Villarreal

Of course when you are almost a billionaire like Kylie you can hire best friends. So when Victoria Villarreal, her personal assistant came into the spotlight we thought maybe Kylie had found a devoted friend afterall.

Kylie did everything for Victoria and in 2016 Kylie even helped Victoria's boyfriend plan an elaborate proposal in Malibu California. The beauty mogul later posted a photo of her and Victoria hugging and wrote in the caption 'Congratulations Angel'.

Victoria replied with;

'I can't even describe how thankful i am to have you in my life i am obsessed with you.'

Then all of a sudden Victoria disappeared too without much of an explanation, apparently Kylie didn't appreciate that Victoria liked one of Jordan Woods' Instagram photos and soon after the news broke that Victoria would no longer be working as Kylie's personal assistant. Some wondered if the real reason was that Kylie doesn’t nice competition and media was starting to prefer Victoria’s natural looks.


For a 23 year old, Kylie has definitely cut out a lot of people from her life. Her biggest issue with them seems to be loyalty and letting men get in the way. Some may say she is being unfair. Others may say the friends are to blame. What do you think?

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