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Why did Frankie Jonas get Tana Mongeau’s name tattooed on himself?

Getting a tattoo of someone’s name on any part of your body is serious commitment, most would only do it if they were absolutely certain given it’s almost impossible to remove. Yet the youngest of Jonas brother needs no convincing.

In a viral TikTok video, over the weekend Frankie Jonas tattooed Tana Mongeau’s name on himself and how well had he known Tana? Not that well it would seem, particularly as he had to check how to pronounce her name.

It started with friendly banter between Frankie Jonas and Tana Mongeau

Tana Mongeau previously shared a conversation between the two where she had asked to become a Jonas sister. Jonas later shared a TikTok video of himself tattooing his own arm.

Mongeau commented the post with “Pls get my name now that i’m a Jonas.” Although the comment may have been just banter, Frankie Jonas accepted the request with a follow up post.

Frankie Jonas wanted to remain grounded

“I’ve been so massively successful lately that I wanted to do something that helped me stay grounded and reminded me of the fans,” he joked in the video.

“So Tana Mongeau, sorry if I mispronounce your name, this one’s for you. I hope it grows your account.”

Of course he was joking as Mongeau is already pretty well known herself with over five million followers on Instagram although no doubt this will add to many more.

The video then shows a conversation between Frankie and his girlfriend where the couple argue over him getting the tattoo of another girl's name. She clearly did not think it was necessary to show his humbleness by tattooing another girl's name. He then proceeds to shave his leg and tattoo "@Tana" on himself.

Tana Mongeau was pleased to be a "Jonas sister the charity work"

Tana re-shared the video with the comment

"this is the weirdest thing to ever happen to me," she wrote, reposting the video and reacting. "IM A JONAS SISTER THE CHARITY WORK I-"

Frankie replied with;

"I really just wanted to give back and say thank you to my loyal fans."

To which Mongeau joked,

"ur so nice to the fans/smaller creators. me, kevin, nick and joe are so grateful for all the charity you've showed us as ur jonas siblings."

Tana contemplates whether to have a matching tattoo

She then shared her reaction on Twitter writing;

In a second tweet, she wrote;

Our thoughts

Seems like the two have some kind of banter between the two. Frankie may have brought a new sibling into the family but Joe Jonas and Nick Jonas have not commented on whether they have accepted the sister or if tattooing the name of a girl is pure madness. Clearly Frankie’s girlfriend isn’t too keen judging by her comment about getting another girl’s name on his leg. Maybe Tana should reciprocate and also get a tattoo just to prove she has embraced him too. Tell us what you think?

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