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Why Celebrity Endorsement Is Irrelevant In The Age Of Internet

The US Presidential election is not that far and those who are eligible to vote are standing strong with their favorites. Some who can influence or raise awareness about their favorites are busy doing so in their neighborhood.

Hollywood assumes they play a major role in helping people identify the right candidate, though there is no empirical evidence to showcase their impact, they become very sincere during the election time, spend money, spend time and reach out to people for supporting their favorites.

But this practice is not only related to Hollywood, every famous personalities are used around the world for local elections and sometimes they even try to endorse candidates beyond boundaries where they don't hold the voting rights.

In the age of the internet, people do their own research, and they are as polarized with their choices, as are some of the celebrities.

The recent flip-flop by 50 Cent is a classic example where their concern is their tax or love life, for some it could be something else, but they are not the best people to suggest others what is good for a country.

As far as the upcoming US Presidential election is concerned whether they endorse Donald Trump, Joe Biden or even Kanye West, in the world of social media and enormous information available online, the decision makers are equipped enough to understand what is good and what is bad for their neighborhood and the country.

When was the last time you bought something a celebrity asked you to buy or endorsed, you would have bought it if it was required, if it had a value or it was on discount, that too after doing a market survey or evaluating based on real reviews.

If the so called celebrities could influence people to make important decisions that is people's individual responsibility, 2016 election result could have been different. People have not only rejected the opposing candidate but almost the whole celebrity gang who has endorsed Hillary Clinton.

So the point here is, are they really the influencers? With followers in millions, do they really impact the outcome. Well, if Kylie Jenner will make a video explaining the best way to use her eyeliners or lipstick, i.e. endorsing her product, there is high probability I may and that is one of the reason she is a successful businesswoman. But if she says support who I support, I will not change my decision.

The other issue is how the famous entertainers of yesteryears are becoming vocal, not being harsh, but if there was no Instagram or Twitter, they would have been well forgotten.

When they were young and active, they had followers and back then information was not prepackaged, so it was easy for them to mold our thinking but the same social media that has kept them relevant in 2020 has equipped us with enough information that we don't need them to shout out loud who is their favorite.

I have a huge emotional connect with Jennifer Anniston, Jennifer Lawrence, George Clooney, Will Smith and many others because they have played their role so well, when growing young either it was idealizing them or relating to them.

But if I have to open a bank account, I will do my own research on the cost and benefit analysis, may be I will consult a banker. I won't make my decision influenced by an online influencer or a celebrity.

For tax and economics, I will discuss it with my university professor or someone who has proven a track record, the least I will look at online tutorials or discussions that were not published recently.

This is a bipartisan take on how celebrities want to make themselves relevant when it should only be about the politicians and their credentials. The mass has moved ahead from the endorsement politics and it clearly demeans the decision-making power of the followers by the celebrities. And many times it is the media that blows things even if the celebrity is apolitical or does not want to reveal his choice.

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