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What is Emiway Bantai's new song, 'Khatam Hue Waande' about?

Emiway Bantai has just released his new song and as usual the internet is going crazy. The song starts off with him seemingly being disappointed that another man is with a girl and makes the comment that she has gotten spoilt.

Though it isn’t long before he moves onto a dancing with a bunch of girls and sings about how the girl has lied to her mother and is instead at a strangers house and if she got caught she could be shot. This catchy chorus is repeated throughout and we can’t help but move our heads to the beat.

He moves on to telling a girl how she is cute and trendy and prefers her to anyone in prada or fendi before launching into lyrics purely focussed on his love for her but keeps reminding the listeners around what would happen if she was to get caught.

He ends by singing about being emiway bantai and asking does she know who he is.

Emiway’s songs never fail to disappoint, not least because of the tune and this is no exception. Let’s see what the internet thinks.

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