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What all girls lose when they go on a diet?

We are living in a world where virtual acceptance is more important that the real one.

On social media applications, especially Instagram, people want to look perfect and now that is where fashion and style statements are made.

The number of likes on your post defines how wide your smile will be and how content you will feel for some moments.

But everything we see does not give the full picture, there is always a “Behind The Scene” to everything.



The competition to look perfect has a stress attached to it making everything slightly toxic. Looking skinny is considered one step closer to beauty and the people give up eating to achieve that.

Dieting has been the buzz word for fitness of 21st century but amateur individuals make mistakes and lose many other things with fat.

It is repeated again and again that six packs are built 30% in the gym and 70% in the kitchen, but for that skinny look people give up going to kitchen.

I have myself followed intermittent diet for almost 6 months by fasting for 18 hours and eating in the window of 6 hours and many times eating more calories in those 6 hours.


But coming back to the topic I will list down what all we lose while dieting.


Our body needs nutrients and so does our skin, you might have heard celebrities saying their secret of beautiful skin is drinking a lot of water but what they don’t tell you is how many cosmetic products they use, how much filler and botox is behind that glowing skin, also how much of editing and colour correction their videos and photos go through.

As a common person you might not see the same glaze and natural beauty on your skin if you stop eating or reduce a substantial portion of your normal diet. Your eyes may pop up as they will be surrounded by the dark circle.



You will not only lose your glaze and natural beauty but also your focus, it is good to count your calorie intake but if it comes with overthinking and stress, you may be eating less but your cortisol level may shoot up making you fat anyway.

As you will eat less than what your body is asking for, you will constantly have that call from your body distracting you from the work you are doing.

As you have already opted for the wrong path you will be disappointed with the results and try to find quick hacks to achieve your goal and that is just the beginning of disasters.

If you are not planning a career in fashion and entertainment, looking good and staying fit should be a parallel process with your career or studies, something that is called “a way of life”, but disappointment in any one area can have a dominion effect on your lifestyle.


Life would have been easier if you could achieve what you want by following a formula, but every time life gives you lemons, you cannot find vodka. The body does not grow or shrink like a balloon, you want to get rid of your belly fat and love handles but I will disappoint you a little more if you have made it till here, these parts love fat, while they store it quickly it is tough to take it out.

What you will lose faster instead is your butt, and honestly I prefer a little bit of belly than a deflated butt, the rear part of your skin fitting jeans will start getting confused if you wore it the other way around. The gap between your butt and skin tight jeans is the biggest turn off while belly fat could be hidden if you are good at picking up well designed clothes and can hold your breath when you need it.




Whatever I have discussed until now is pretty much unisex but as we are addressing the issues related to diet and its impact, though extremely sensualized but an important part of a woman’s body structure is the breast and when the norm for beauty is 36-24-36, to achieve the 24 if you have to sacrifice the two 36s, that does not sound like a fair deal. Yes by not eating right you might lose the firm shape of your mammary glands. There is a pectoral muscle that lies against the chest wall underneath both breasts and reduced protein intake can directly impact on shape, size and firmness.


When we are trying to achieve that perfect look everything is about the proportion, imagine losing your butt, breast and thighs for losing a bit of belly fat that is not what was planned. You might find many “skinny” girls with thighs as thin as matchstick, please consider that as a health issue, ok right now I need to put a disclaimer that I am not writing to body shame anyone but it is my individual point of view and I feel the new norm was incorrectly perceived and propagated.



Having a check on the calorie intake is a good start but rather than reducing the calorie burning them will bring joy, sense of achievement, focus, glaze, beauty and BBT.

While working from home, working out from home should also be emphasized, with my friend we have a deal of 20 squats every 30 minutes for the sake of strong thighs, firm butt and the lemon pie.


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