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We could have had it all, but..

What we seek in our life and what we get in our life are many a time mutually exclusive and emotional intelligence teaches us to be content with what we have and what we have achieved so far.

We also define destiny and fate playing a bigger role than what is our desire and how much effort we are willing to put in to achieve it. We consider ourselves lucky if we get what we seek and unlucky otherwise.

What we seek has no limitations and it could vary from a desire to having a fancy place to live in, a dream job, body in shape, nice wardrobe, good food to eat, million followers on Instagram and also to stay close to someone we like and love.

While other things are not time bound and you can achieve it at any point in your life, priorities keep changing and you yourself bury the plan for example at 22 you very badly wanted to have a six pack abs but at 34 you may want a 7 figure salary.

But the love that you seek from one individual has a clock ticking, you have to decide what you want to do, leave it to faith and call it maktub or fight for it to have your moments.

The clock is ticking because if you don’t eat your portion of the pie someone else will, though the literatures suggest something else, the most absurd saying is, “If you love someone, let them go. If they come back, they are yours otherwise they never were” suggesting you can love but you cannot fight for it.

We believe you have to fight for whatever you seek, whether it is material or emotional.

But when you go on a war while seeking love, the playground is very sensitive and it can backfire. We are laying some guidelines on what to do and where you should back out.

Yes, there could be a situation where you need to back out too, and that will be good for everyone involved.

Fight When You Are Seeking Not Snatching

As love is about mutual interest and in initial stage you have pretty much everything under control, so think twice before making any move.

No one walks around indicating that they will reciprocate if you show interest; sometimes even acquaintance have their private life too private, approaching someone you are interested in is a definite yes but the moment you get the sense someone is closer to their heart while you are just starting, have the courage stop and move on.

If your seeking also involves snatching, remember your victory will be someone’s loss, fighting for that kind of attraction or love is not recommended.

Fight Against Odds Not Against What You Are Seeking

There are times when the person you adore does not take serious decisions themself, proving the entanglement with you was not serious but you can try to convince them and do whatever it needs if you think, they are the one. Maybe their family or friends don’t like you but your lover does. You should fight for it but gently.

But you will also find cases where people in relationships change their priorities over time and you don’t fit in their latest priority list, don’t fight and move on. If your love was special they will regret it one day but you will know it was not you who made the short term call.

Don’t Fight For Revenge

People move away from a long relationship and the one who initiates the break up always does so by saying you were the best and I wish you the best, while you keep thinking the best is the one you just lost.

It is ok to lose, try to win them back and repeat. There are in fact many articles on how to get your ex back, while definitely you can try those tricks but don’t try to destroy them or expose them, it will shut the door forever. May be you will never see them again but making the ending toxic by raging a war and trying to take revenge will make their decision right and they will never have the guilt of letting you go.

Don’t Fight For Ego

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