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US Senator Tom Carper's profanity after frustration over technical glitch

Remember those initial days during lockdown when people were getting used to Zoom conferences and it resulted in funny memes. There was the journalist who was ready to discuss some serious issue on TV but forgot to wear his trousers, a half naked man walking in the background in a video call, Zoom bombing and what not. Over time most people have learnt except one US Senator who is running behind.

According to Fox News - Sen. Tom Carper, unleashed a trio of expletives at a high-profile Senate hearing Friday before questioning Postmaster General Louis DeJoy about mail delivery slowdowns.

It was a virtual hearing before the Senate Homeland Security Committee, and when it was Carper's turn to talk, the 73-year-old Democrat was caught unmuted on camera shouting "F word thrice " in the direction of a staffer in apparent frustration over his video feed.

The aide in his office is then seen coming to Carper's side to help him with his computer

Carper was apparently unaware that his expletives were live streamed to the Senate.

While this may have made him a laughing stock, the one positive from this situation is that the senator's expression has attracted many who would have given a pass to the hearing of Postmaster General Louis DeJoy about mail delivery slowdowns.

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