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Tyra Banks' DWTS outfit: fans wonder is it a loofah, a duster or did she shave a Cookie Monster?

It would appear that even supermodels get it wrong sometimes when it comes to fashion and this supermodel has got it so unbelievably wrong.

Tyra Banks choice of outfit for dancing with the stars had fans on social media ROFL or rather Rolling On The Floor Laughing on Monday.

Each week the host, Tyra Banks has surprised viewers with her eclectic outfits and odd fashion choices. For the season finale, her look drew criticism from fans almost immediately for what she likes to call her blue couture dress, but what exactly was she wearing?

Some fans speculated if it was a loofah

#DWTS anyone else getting loofah vibes from Tyra?’ One user wrote

Another uploaded a picture of a blue loofah and wrote, “Tyra Banks rn.”

Some thought maybe a duster device

“Tyra Banks tonight #DWTS"one person posted with a photo of a fluffy blue duster.

One user uploaded a photo of Swiffer Dusters, writing, “You too can make Tyra’s dress from the #DWTS finale, just need a few boxes of these.”

Toilet paper cover

Another compared her to a toilet paper cover with one writing; ‘Honestly! Tyra! You look like a toilet paper cover!!”

Some fans thought maybe a dryer lint

‘Watching DWTS with mum. WTF is Tyra Banks wearing? Looks like dryer lint. '

Others thought she looked like a cookie monster

#dancingwiththestars tyra banks looks like she shaved cookie monster for that dress #DWTSFINALE

A new outfit

Tyra did go on to change into another dress, however that ones didn’t work for Tyra either with many wondering if she was trying to be the statue of liberty.


Maybe she was trying to steal the show with her bold outfit or maybe she just got it completely wrong. Tell us what you think.

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