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Types of men to avoid

Many girls end up in a relationship which they go on to regret and with the benefit of hindsight would not have wasted their time on that man. While there are lots of wonderful men out there, finding the one that is right for you is not easy.

Most girls may have also been damaged by their own horrific experiences of dating that they may feel hopeless. Don’t give up, there is someone out there for you but do avoid the types of men we have listed out in this post and watch out for the signs.

1. The Pathological Liars

There are men out there that lie. Girls are often more honest than boys especially in relationships but men think the way to impress a girl is to tell her what she wants to hear. It’s almost like a sales pitch for them, great if you are trying to get your foot in through the door but not so great if you want to ‘close the deal’.

If closing the deal was marriage or a relationship then most men are not interested so lying is perfect for them. It will help them get the girl, use her to satisfy their own needs and never commit.

2. The one who never wants to introduce you to his friends or family

I bet almost every girl has come across that man who doesn’t want to get married yet, who wants to get to know you a bit more, who says he will introduce you to his family and friends but never does or keeps delaying it.

These are early signs that he doesn’t want to take this relationship seriously. If you raise the topic of marriage too quick, he will run so he traps you into thinking you shouldn’t raise it or gets aggressive or angry when you do and says you are ruining the relationship by constantly asking.

The reality is you are only asking because you want to make sure you are spending your time on someone for something longer term. If he isn’t ‘the one’ then you want to move on in search of someone who is. Don’t let him manipulate you into thinking you are ruining the relationship. When he finds the right person he will marry her and then his stance on never getting married will change and you will kick yourself for ending up in a 5 year relationship only to find that in 2 months he is getting married to someone else.

3. The ones who are controlling

Men will control you in their own subtle ways and you have to spot the signs. He will make you feel bad for expecting him to text you or will go silent for a long time making you wonder exactly where you stand.

He may even point out how other girls are dressed so that he can dress you in a certain way or comment on other girls while in your company.

In fact, I have observed men checking out other girls while with their partner or on a date.

Us girls have wider peripheral vision we don’t have to turn our heads to know when a man is checking out another girl. The chances are we may choose not to say anything immediately and save it for when it matters but we have seen exactly what he has done. The controlling ones will make you think that it’s a figment of your imagination. It’s not! He is just not worth it, walk away.

4. The ones that are overly keen

Of course every girl wants a man to make an effort with her, they want to be showered with gifts and surprises and looked after but there has to be trust and good intentions behind his actions.

If you spoke to him for the first time and he starts to pressure you into meeting him immediately then something is wrong. If you say no and he continues to insist then again he is taking things too far.

Chances are he will then play to your emotions, make you feel guilty, suggest every possible timing to the point that if you say no too harshly he will tell you that you are not a nice person and if you politely accept then he has succeeded in what he set out to achieve.

You both have to go at a pace you are comfortable with. If you’re lucky, a man will come along and sweep you off your feet and it will be welcomed attention and not some creep. Watch out for signs of anyone pressurising you, flattery is good but it has to be balanced.

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