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Trump's YMCA Dad Dance Is The New Thing On TikTok And Daughter Ivanka Is Just Loving It

There are some things you do not expect from a president, one thing is grooving to YMCA.

After Trump got infected with Covid, he recovered and he claims now he feels 20 years younger which he attempts to substantiates by grooving on YMCA.

Trump surprised millions on Tuesday night as the Village People's YMCA started playing at the end of his Pennsylvania rally. The music started playing and the president launched into some surprising moves on stage in Johnstown.

When the song played, Trump danced a little on the spot with him pumping his fists in the air, some calling it a dad dance.

But now Tiktok is tested positive of Presidents move and groove and tiktok users are trying to recreate the move. A number of social media users shared clips of themselves doing a duet the moves.

"Everyone is doing the Trump," tweeted one social media above a clip of them dancing side by side with the president.

Responding to a post shared on social media, Ivanka Trump simply wrote "Love it!"

As reported by Daily Mail UK, Ivanka Trump has called Jared Kushner a party pooper for not joining in the party with his father in law.A clip shows Kushner, assistant to the President and senior adviser, standing next to the rally as the song plays. Crowd got crazy and mimicked the now iconic dance, but Kushner simply claps along to the rhythm.

And on Sunday, Kushner once again decided against showing off his dance moves.He was spotted waiting at the wings of the Carson City, Nevada, rally with Hope Hicks and other members of Trump's circle as reported by Daily Mail UK.

While Trump's moves are generally well received, he has faced backlash over the number of cases and casualties related to COVID.

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