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Top places to buy trendy face masks

I don't know about you but as I travel around, I see some pretty awful face masks which look very much like underwear than face covering. Clearly with there being a need for masks, small independent retailers were quick to see the profit margins and opted to go for low cost, low quality options and it took some time for the bigger fashion outlets to get their production up and running to offer choices.

Thankfully the fashion industry has recognised the need for face masks being much more than practical and some stylish options are being offered on the market. The great news is that they are pretty cost effective and reusable. So thankfully we won't have to use those horrible looking disposable face masks. Although disposable masks do come with the added benefit of allowing your makeup to rub off on them without caring about cleaning it. If you have ever got make up on your clothes you will know how difficult it is to wash it.

We bring you our six favourite places to get a mask.

1. Reiss

Reiss does some pretty amazing clothing all year around and is one of my favourite place to shop. There is something about the cut and the way the clothes hang off your body. So when they released their masks, it's no surprises that it is equally stylish and a nice fitting.

Cost: £20

2. Hugo Boss

Sleek, stylish, sophisticated with the signature stripe. This mask is a must if you want simple with a touch of character.

Cost: £21

3. Cynthia Rowley

For a bit of colour but not over bearing, this Cynthia Rowley mask is perfect.

Cost: £24

4. Liberty

Coming in a range of Liberty prints which have been designed in-house, these range of masks are simply beautiful. However don't expect them to last forever as they use Tana Lawn Cotton which will last up to 40 washes which is still a very long time.

Cost: £40 for 5

5. Savile Row Company

A company you would typically go to for buying a well fitted suit is now doing masks in simple but smart designs.

Cost: £9.95

6. Paisie

If you want simplicity and something that goes with everything then a plain black well structured mask is what you need and Paisie has just the answer, although are slightly lower quality than the other options in the market.

Cost: £6

They also do a red nautical design which is elegant and sophisticated.

Cost: £8


Many other outlets are also selling masks, these include; Marks & Spencer, Oscar Apparels, Gap, Adidas, Nike, Urban Outfitters, Dune, Eastwood Danso, Burberry, Bode, Herschel, Christopher Kane, Wedel Art Collection, Guess, Saint James, Dsquared2, Disney Story (cute masks for children), Kurt Geiger, Reebok.

The list is quite long but the good news is there are plenty of options to choose from.

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