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This is HOW Paris Hilton's Fiancé Carter Reum Proposed

For those that haven’t heard, Paris Hilton is engaged to Carter Reum but brace yourself this is unlike any engagement you have seen before, in fact it even involves tears and crying and shaking. Ok, we joke.

In her upcoming premier episode of her podcast, “This is Paris”, she claims

“I just started shaking and crying because I was so excited, so happy,” when Reum proposed.

Of course she had been expecting something, since she was disappointed when he didn’t propose in December after their 1 year anniversary, though she claims she didn’t say anything.

“When it didn’t happen, I didn’t say anything but I was a little bummed,” she says.

Of course when she says she didn’t say anything what she meant was she dropped hints but didn’t ask him directly but it’s a good job Reum is smart to pick up on hints as he reportedly told her;

“When I do ask you, it’s going to be something even more amazing than this, so you’ll see soon.” Good response Reum.

He did keep to his word and proposed earlier this month on a private island when celebrating their 40th birthday. Such grand gestures should come with an audience so the businessman invited members of their family. Right before the moment he said to her that she should get dressed for photos on the beach and that is where he proposed.

Ok, not sure about you but this does not sound like a surprise. In fact it all sounds very planned and we suspect Paris had a lot to do with getting him to the pop the queston, though we could be wrong.

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