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These rumors about Maluma that were not just rumors

Fame and rumor go hand in hand; to be frank there is always a tug of war going on between the celebrities’ rep and the tabloids. Sometimes rumors become reality and there are times when the Celeb PR is too good, they turn reality to rumor and brush it off well.

Well sometimes celebs purposely get the rumors circulated to stay relevant to their project like Cardi B’s divorce drama with rapper offset when she was releasing a song with Brazilian singer Anitta. The lyrics have both the girls appreciating each other’s sensuality, a possible attempt to spark Cardi B’s homosexuality and the reason to file divorce.

While this is just another conspiracy theory as far as rumors are concerned The Colombian singer-rapper Maluma is no exception and the list is not small. Let’s go over some of the rumors and scandals related to Maluma one by one.

Let's start with Anitta

Ok we start with Anitta as on may 2017, Daily Mail wrote an article with the title:

Look away Tyga! Rapper is not the only one wanting to make sweet music with new gal Anitta as she recently shared steamy kiss with singer Maluma.

While Tyga and Anitta had their own moment, Maluma could not resist and got up close and personal with the Brazilian hottie. It was not hard to see why Maluma - who calls Anitta his 'princess' - struggled to keep his lips to himself.

While Maluma was pretty much single then, the onstage display of affection is noted for ever.

A kiss which will turn off many

Moving to the next one, another kiss and this one will turn off many, as reported an article with the title “Maluma's Rep Defends Singer after Some Fans Criticize His 'Passionate' Kiss with His Mother”

Singer Maluma was met with criticism in 2019 after sharing a photo of himself kissing his mom on the lips in celebration of Mother’s Day, In the photo, Maluma and his mother Marlli Arias were seen sharing a smooch as the singer cups Arias’ face in his hands. While the fans felt it was too weird, the reps defended the singer by saying It's normal in Latin culture.

That’s some cultural shock for many, good or bad we don’t know, better we move to the next one and the next rumor will make all his kissing scandals meaningless unless its Ricky Martin. Oh yes Maluma has been there too.

Maluma may be gay

In february 2020, While his then GF was moving away with Neymar, speculations were high over Maluma being gay.

He came out himself to debunk the rumor on an Instagram live he said, If I were gay, I would have already talked about it. Whoever said I am gay, lend me your girlfriend for a moment, to see how gay I am.

Going back to 2018, the singer had to face the heat over his single “Mala Mia” as A group of women in Spain, where Maluma was touring then, had deemed the lyrics as machista, and back then they tried to make enough noise to change Maluma’s point of view.

Maluma in response told Spanish newspaper El País that he values the criticism, but doesn’t agree with the comments he’s received about “Mala Mia.” “I listen, value, and respect everyone’s points of view,” he said in the interview. “I think it’s very important that other people are going against me so I can keep growing.”

Demeaning to women

Ok the last one for today is again related to his work and lyrics where some people felt Maluma's hit single "Cuatro Babys" released in 2016 was “demeaning to women."

A petition on Change.Org demanded the song's removal from digital platforms as the petitioner said "Both the lyric and the images incite direct violence towards women, which are described as worthless, interchangeable and absolutely available bodies at the service of the authors' unlimited sexual desire.

Maluma responded on social media by saying:

"You'll always be judged for one thing or another. Just do what comes out of your heart, what makes you happy. If they talked about Jesus Christ, why would it surprise you to have them talk about you?"


While Maluma has a long list of rumors, scandals and hookups, these were some of the interesting ones.

And I am sure this is not the end of rumors because he has a long career ahead of him. Let us know if we missed some interesting rumors related to Maluma.

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