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These personality traits dictate whether you will be successful

To be successful is not easy, you either have it or you don’t. Sure it’s nice to think some people were born lucky and achieved success because of what they were given but it takes a certain personality and character to truly create success. We have listed out below some of the personalities that may have more of what it takes to both be successful and to be able to handle success.

When I say handle success, I mean in terms of what you do once you are successful. It’s not uncommon for people to let it get to their heads and become smug about it, it's typically these kind of people that cannot handle success and may fall down in their endeavours without the ability to get back up again.


Determination really is the key to success but what exactly is it? It’s a feeling of never wanting to give up, of continuing even when it feels like all odds are against you. It’s within you, the feeling of want of doing anything and everything to make your goal work. You will either have it or you won't depending on how much you truly want something.

Solution driven

This is key, every venture, every project you come across will come with problems. However as a wise person would say, ‘there are no problems, only solutions’ so someone that is able to solve things is more likely to be able to find success. Particularly if this is combined with their determination to solve it.

Forward thinkers

Just like every problem has a solution, making the impossible possible an important characteristic. If it wasn’t for the forward thinkers of the world we wouldn’t have the internet, driverless cars and many of the other life luxuries technology has given us.

[Calculated] Risk takers

You may have the best ideas in the world and be a true forward thinker, however without implementing it these are mere fantasies. You need to take the risk and be a go getter. Of course you may easily take the risk and lose however this is where the solution driven you will kick in and you will find a way around which combined with your determination will have you achieve your goals.


No matter how often you fall rising again is important so resilience will pay a key to your success. It’s about never giving up and continuing to get back up. More importantly it’s about not letting negative emotions control you or if you are going to let them control you then it’s about channelling the energy towards your goal. For example, sometimes anger motivates people and they would use that to work towards their goals. Every fall is there to make you get back up and keep going and remain resilient.

Hungry for success

Often successful people are money hungry and what makes them hungry could be a combination of things, maybe their own circumstance of growing up poor for example. These people want money and they want to succeed. It’s in everything they do.

Of course some may say success isn’t about money maybe its about happiness, it’s just money goes a long way in making people happy. As we said earlier once you have it then it’s about what you do with it.


Of course there is no one specific personality type that prevails above another but those that are determined, solution drive, forward thinkers, risk takers, resilient and hungry are the ones that tend to do better when it comes to success. The combination of all of those makes a pretty powerful personality.

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