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Watches Owned by Powerful CEOs: Buy yours (UK)

The watch you are wearing is often considered a status symbol, but does it really mean something?

Is the price of your wrist watch directly proportional to your bank balance? Well if you are touching the upper limit it definitely defines your possible affordability but some of the big shot CEOs have denied giving importance to a watch as a status symbol.

Now this is a conflict of interest if they are from the same industry and we will explain as we go along.

Marketing and advertising plays a major role in defining the product narrative and it flows from generation to generation as the narrative so heavily sold becomes a part of the culture. For example you would have heard many celebrities saying the first thing they look at is the shoes they are wearing and a normal person also start appreciating that as a factor and starts judging people based on their shoes.

How materialistic!

But that actually drives the sales and uplifts the whole industry.

Coming back to the big shots who decide to go against this marketing wave know that the media is fed up with such narrative and they will be the first to identify it and wearing a cheap brand doesn’t make them cheap as they can afford it easily, they are called the humble enhancing the social value of these big shots and celebrities.

Just imagine the CEO of Apple wearing a $100 watch; here he is promoting his humble attitude but hurting the smart watch business of Apple.

In this article let’s find out which top celebrities denied riding the marketing hoax to create their own brand and those who love the cliché.


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Jeff Bezos

The richest man on the planet and founder of Amazon, Jeff Bezos can buy anything and everything he dreams of and he is having the time of his life. But where does he see that time, which watch shows him it’s his time. Can his watch define his social status or that it's adding a brand value to the watch he is wearing.

These days Jeff Bezos has been seen wearing a silver plated Ulysse Nardin and the exact make from Ulysse Nardin is out of stock in Amazon UK and how media flashed Jeff Bezos wearing this model of Ulysse Nardin could be a possible reason.

The closest we could find from the same manufacturer is Ulysse Nardin Maxi Marine Diver Automatic Watch, 42,7 mm, 20 ATM, 263-33-3/92.


Bill Gates


Bill Gates is a seasoned billionaire in Forbes list of richest people on earth, The founder of Microsoft is known for his philanthropy and simplicity. His simple lifestyle is also reflected in his choice of watch. The third richest man on the planet wears a Casio watch worth less than $200.

The Casio exact model you can see in on the wrist of Bill Gates is : Casio Casual Watch MDV106-1A

This post will be updated regularly and we will find the easiest medium to purchase watches worn by global celebrities in United Kingdom.

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