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The Strict Rule Kulture Has Set For Cardi B

Cardi B and Kulture have an adorable relationship as a mother and daughter, but online trolls at times have been mean to Cardi B. Obviously a toddler won’t be exposed to the filth of social media and it has come down as the rapper's responsibility to shut the haters down.

It was in May 2020 when an internet user tried to troll Cardi B with a hypothetical claim saying;

"Kulture don't like her momma and that's the funniest part…every video she be ignoring tf outta all that screaming."

Cardi B released a video in response to the farce claim featuring then 22 month old daughter Kulture where the duo can be seen having an adorable mother-daughter moment.

Cardi B at times is loud and not nice, but it was the first time we had witnessed how Cardi B has killed it with kindness and the only loud element was the caption, "Loud and wrong."

And this wasn’t the first time when mean trolls tried to put Cardi B on her back foot for her past, her current lifestyle or her relationship with her loved ones.

In February 2020 a user tried to insult the rapper by writing Kulture was "not the cutest."

And the furious mom got into a fiery exchange with the user and clapped back by saying;

"My daughter is very much the cutest b** so sit down with your overgrown gums."

Cardi B did not stop there and used profanity laced tirade to shut down the hater, but it seems now Cardi B has to follow certain code of conduct because this time the rules are set by none other than Kulture who does not appreciate her mom even using the expressions like Damn.

It was on 6th Oct 2020 when Cardi B revealed that she is not allowed to swear anymore, she tweeted:

"I can’t even curse anymore, Kulture be like “don’t say that mommy don’t say that !!” Like I can’t even say damn."

That must be a proud moment for the rapper mom, but haters are haters and a troll has just replied to Cardi B saying;

“Wait till she finds out that u were a stripper”

The fans have already responded to the hater, but it will be interesting to see if Cardi B will shut the user down and if she does would she choose profanity or sweetness.


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