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The real secret to success

What exactly is success is the real question. The official definition is, ‘the accomplishment of an aim or purpose,’ which begs the question what is the ultimate aim or purpose.

Let’s consider some high level objectives and figure out the true purpose under them and we may find the answer.

To get rich

For a lot of people its financial success. That may well be a function of what is sold to us that comes with financial success ie to have no financial worries, to never have to think about what you are spending on, peace of mind and to get all the things that your heart desires.

Yet those that are financially successful would often say money doesn’t buy happiness. So what exactly are people really seeking from being rich? Surely it is happiness, so the ultimate goal here is happiness.

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To be admired

Being admired can be a nice feeling, be it that small compliment or admiration about what you are wearing and the confidence that comes with it.

Now if you could be the most admired person in the world then the fact is that you can use it to your advantage and influence. However ask any person that seeks the admiration and they will tell you about the insecurities they feel and the impact it has on their peace of mind.

So the ultimately thing they are seeking is also happiness. Admiration needs to be balanced enough to make you happy but not so much that you are so reliant on it to the point it would destroy you.

To find love

Love, the thing everyone is always searching for. It starts with when we are young and after watching a fair few romantic comedies develop an expectation of seeking love for the rest of our lives. There is comfort in having someone stand alongside you, to be there for you when needed. However, the harsh reality is that love is rare, it is not clear if it in fact exists. The notion that you only ever fall in love once is most likely not true, you may fall in love more than once or love each differently. If you were to ask those in relationships, they will tell you about the compromise that comes with it too.

However when you are watching those romantic films that have defined your expectations for the rest of your life it’s the ending that is the most significant, ‘and they lived happily ever after’. Somehow if you can find love the films teach you that you will be happy forever. So even in love what you are ultimately searching for is happiness, your goal is to be happy!

So what have we learnt about your ultimately goal?

Your objectives that you are defining may be slightly more prescriptive than the ones we have discussed which are just examples but ultimately what everyone is seeking is happiness which is the overall goal in life and the real secret to success.

The thing is that different things make people happy, for some it is about money, for some it's love. That’s ok just don’t forget, at the end of the day what matter most is for you to be happy. Don’t pursue money if it's making you unhappy while you do it, don’t be in a relationship and give love when it isn’t being returned, don’t seek admiration if you will let insecurities rule your life. Learn to be happy and you shall be successful.

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