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Tessa Thompson feels accidents are her "birthright" after calling her New Year's accident "pleasant"

Thor Star Tessa Thompson got hit by a truck but remained in good spirits because the driver was “nice” is the news making the rounds. Wow! Making light of a very serious situation can be taken in different ways particularly when Tessa concludes her story with;

"I feel like I'm used to car accidents because I was born and raised in Los Angeles, so it feels like accidents are my birthright. I've had many of them. But this was a pleasant one."

Hmm..Is she telling us that maybe she is not a safe driver?

Talking on Jimmy Kimmel Live Tessa Thompson explains how she was hit by a “monster truck” on New Year’s eve. Apprently she wanted to do something for New Year’s but in a safe way and had the idea of driving from her house to one other house.

"I have been staying in, although for New Year's Eve I was like, 'What could be safe? I could drive from my house to one other house,'" she explains on Jimmy Kimmel Live, thinking this activity would be totally drama-free.

"So I drove up a mountain to go to a cabin. And I thought, 'This will be totally safe, 'cause I won't see anybody. But I got into a car accident, so I did have a socially distanced interaction."

It wasn't just any car that Tessa got into an accident with—according to her, the car was "as monster as a truck could be driving with a regular commercial license."

"Yeah, I got hit," she said. "But I'm safe, obviously."

Tessa goes on to explain, the other driver was also safe and very nice making it a “pleasant experience.”

Not sure any accident would be a pleasant experience but in her own words she feels like her “accidents are her birthright”.

Wow, we hope that not be case, no one should be in accidents regardless of how nice the other driver is.

She goes on to add;

"I think after this year, there's such gratitude at being alive. It was sort of the sweetest, loveliest accident of all the ones I've had, in a way."
"Also, it made total sense," she added. "It's the only way to end this year [2020] would be to get into a car accident."

Ok, we think that is not a healthy way of thinking and would encourage people not to get into car accidents. She may have survived this one but you never know when the outcome changes. Tell us what you think and if you are driving please drive safely.

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