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Tensions between Shia LaBeouf and Olivia Wilde over Qualley's “Love Me Like You Hate Me” music video

Shia LaBeoufand Olivia Wilde’s relationship seems to be pretty damaged. Towards the end of last year Variety revealed that Olivia Wilde chose to fire LaBeouf from her movie "Don't Worry Darling" and replace him with Harry Styles and a good job too as she wouldn’t have found love with Harry Styles had LaBeouf not left or atleast those are the rumours that are going around. Seems like her zero a**hole policy came to good use.

Now it has been revealed that LaBeouf and Wilde clashed on the “Love me like you hate me” music video for Rainey Qualley who also goes by the name Rainsford. The video went viral in October last year due to NSFW content and featured LaBeouf and the singer’s sister, actor Margaret Qualley, who he was rumored to be dating until their split last weekend according to reports.

Wilde had been hired as the original director of the 10 minute video which she had taken on “as a favor to the sisters” after working with Margaret Qualley on the short film “Wake Up” last year according to Hollywood reporter. However once the filming of the video had ended LaBeouf chose to take control of the edit and submitted his own cut of the video with the help of the video's producer Luke Turner.

He submitted a cut of the video to a small email group which included Wilde. According to The Hollywood Reporter Wilde said she would be “happy to take a look and would submit her cut shortly.”

“The response apparently did not sit well with LaBeouf who responded again, by suggesting that the correct response would have been to write thank you and that ‘we should go with this’ in reference to the one he submitted.
Per a source who saw the email, he also wrote: ‘Great jazz musicians know when not to play.’”

Wilde then exited the project and replied, “I’m out,” after LaBeouf’s response.

Her name did not appear on the credits for the video. However Rainey Qualley gave a “special thanks” to Wilde in an Instagram post leading many to wonder what exactly her involvement was.

The incident took place after Wilde had fired LaBeouf from her own film ‘Don’t worry Darling’ so there may have been some bad blood between the two.

Shia Labeouf has been embroiled in many allegations of poor behaviour, violent tendencies and accusations of sexual battery, assault and infliction of emotional distress after FKA Twigs decided to sue Labeouf. Many celebrities have supported her including Wilde and Shia has been scrubbed from Netflix’s for your consideration page for the drama ‘pieces of a woman’.

Whatever may have happened between Labeouf and wilde it may take some time before the two can put their differences aside and work together again if at all. Tell us what you think.

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