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Sugar Dating Gains Popularity in Indonesia As More Youth Seek Comfortable Lifestyles


Sugar dating as a new trend is celebrating almost half a decade of existence in Indonesia and people are calling the elevated standard of living is pressuring youths to shift to alternative means to support some of their life’s greatest pursuits.


What is Sugar Dating?

Sugar Dating is a relationship between sugar partners solely for the purpose of pleasure or benefits. The practice of these kinds of relations is also called Sugaring.

The sugar token received could be money, gifts, support or any other kind of material support and the receiver is the “Sugar Baby” in this kind of arrangement.

The Paying partner is the Sugar Daddy or Sugar Momma who receives dating like experience in exchange.

Wait, is it not similar to the girlfriend experience services provided by sex workers, well that is debatable and after the entry of Sugar Mommas the dynamics has changed a lot.

Now both sexes treat the opposite one as an object and equality must prevail.

Sugar Dating Got Mainstream In 2018

An Indonesian twitter user, also a Sugar Baby has shared her experience has shared her experience with a Sugar Daddy in 2018 and the thread went viral. Stuck in lockdown the discussion started again in April 2020 and many sugar babies in hibernation came out in public.

Dedicated App For Finding Your Sugar Partner

SeekingArrangement is one of the platforms dedicated for those seeking Sugar partners. SeekingArrangement is an American sugar baby and sugar daddy dating website founded by MIT graduate Brandon Wade in San Francisco, California in 2006.

According to their latest report Indonesia has seen an upward trend in Sugar Baby industry.

They have also revealed Jakarta is leading the front of the Indonesian cities with the most sugar daddies and babies. According to its 2020 Heat Map, there are 4,221 sugar daddies and 10,200 sugar babies in the capital city.

The data did not reveal the number of Sugar Mommas though.

Sugar Baby Economics

As we know Sugar Daddy and Sugar Momma are simply expecting the pleasure, Sugar babies moving to this industry is directly a result of socio-economic pressure and recent global lockdown has resulted in the unemployment number to soar making it difficult for those who worked on daily wages.

According to the CEO Brandon Wade the surge in the industry is driven by economic inequality in each country analyzed in their report, especially Indonesia.

Wade further added “Driven by roaring pressures to achieve an elevated standard of living, youths are now shifting to alternative means to support some of their life’s greatest pursuits instead of opting for cumbersome loans that are hard to come by to start off with,”

According to Vice;

But sugar dating remains controversial in Indonesia. Sugar dating in Indonesia usually involves a married man or woman, while some from the majority Muslim nation even see the practice as another form of prostitution.

Sugar Dating Is Inclusive

One of the reason prostitution had been questioned time and again was, Wealthy men who want to assert their power over women’s bodies and financial situations, but Sugar Dating is inclusive and let each powerful person oppress the Sugar babies irrespective of their gender.

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