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Success: The only limitations are those you set yourself

The great thing about the human brain is its amazing ability to learn and adapt and change. For those that like to self-reflect the steps you have taken in your lives to get to where you are today are evidence of your accomplishments. How far you go really is down to you and any limits and restrictions are those you place on yourself.

The world is full of successes and achievements of those who have created businesses, empires, made astonishing breakthroughs. Some had good education or rich parents to help them along but even from among those, there were some who took what they had and they made it bigger. Maybe you didn’t have the same head start as some out there but it isn’t to say you can’t take whatever you have today and make it bigger. It is still better than deteriorating or staying stuck. It is for you to make the change you want, to become who you want.

It won’t be easy, nothing ever is but every step you take is an improvement and will help towards you becoming a better version of yourself. However, don’t forget not everyone has ambitions to be an entrepreneur or rich. Success comes in many forms, for some it’s settling down and having a family or simply becoming more skilled.

Below are some of the people that took what they had and made it bigger who really are an inspiration for many around them;

1. Jeff Bezos – Founder of Amazon - Net Worth $188.5 billion

He started in a garage after resigning from a hedge fund giant and wanted to start an online bookstore which didn’t take the interest of his previous boss David E. Shaw. Jeff Bezos has turned it into a multinational technology company focussing on e-commerce, cloud computing, digital streaming and artificial intelligence.

2. Francois Pinault – Owner of Luxury Goods Group – Net Worth $39.6 billion

It is reported that he was teased for being poor and after dropping out of school in 1947 he went on to work for his family’s timber trading business. His drive and ambition and his childhood experiences made him a ruthless trader and before long he was flipping smaller companies for larger payouts. He then went on to start PPR, which later changed its name to Kerring, a luxury goods group. Kerring owns many luxury brands including Saint Laurent, Alexander McQueen and Gucci.

3. Roman Abramovich – multi-billionaire with stakes in several businesses including UK Chelsea Football Club – Net Worth $12.7 billion

An orphan who was raised by his uncle in subarctic region of northern Russia, Abramovich had a vision to be a success. While studying at Moscow Auto Transport Institute in 1987, he started a small company producing plastic ducks from an apartment in Russia. This helped him set up an oil business which was the foundation of his huge success. He later went on to make a name in the steel business and is the owner of the Chelsea Football Club.

He has an impressive collection of sports cars, yatches, helicopters and limousines to name a few.

There are many others who have made huge empires and grown what they had and are a true inspiration to many. With a dream, vision and hard work anything is possible.

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