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Still Have Me | Demi Lovato's Latest Single Where She Talks About Max Ehrich And Her Pain

After surprising her Fiancé, Demi Lovato is now surprising her fans and has done it in a perfect and musical way.

In an early morning tweet on 30th September Demi has tweeted Music is always there for me and along with that the 28-year-old singer has dropped her new single “Still Have Me”.

Just a couple of days after calling off her engagement with actor Max Ehrich, Demi releases “Still Have Me”, what are we supposed to do, speculate right?

To be honest Demi did not leave any scope for speculation and has come out talking directly about her relationship with Max Ehrich and the impact of her recent break up.

She sings,

“I’m a mess and I’m still broken / But I’m finding my way back
And it feels like someone’s stolen,” “All the light I ever had / Like the world disappeared.”

I am sure Max Ehrich will hear about the song from some tabloid and feel a bit relieved as they both are in pain, I know you would agree going through the pain alone hurts little more, it does.

She further sings;

“Everything Around Me Shattered / All the Highs are now just lows / But it doesn’t matter / cause I’d rather be alone,”

In the track, Demi paints her life as in ruin, but despite all of this, she still has her resolve to make it through and come out of the other side.

Demi and Max, according to PEOPLE, made the “tough decision” to “go their separate ways to focus on their respective careers.”

Demi or Max didn’t issue a joint statement on the split, but he did post a few Instagram Stories that seemingly shed light on how things went down, something we have discussed in our earlier video.

I am sure the song is exactly how Demi feels right now and it will either calm them down or bring them back together.

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