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Social media thinks Safaree & Erica Mena are no longer together

Sometimes we read too much between the lines but sometimes even cryptic messages are obvious, Celebrities use social media to engage with their fans but they don’t hesitate to make statements or let out their frustrations in coded messages.

Recent example was Cardi B when she published a story on Instagram before she actually went ahead to file divorce.

Erica Mena has puzzled us in a similar fashion and people are concerned about the status of her marriage with Safaree Samuels after she shared a mysterious message about priorities on Sept. 22. Fans reacted quickly to the cryptic message and they believe she’s talking about her husband.

Media outlets are questioning, is there trouble in paradise? Is everything alright between Safaree Samuels and Erica Mena?

Well we don’t wish that but after her straight from heart message without any filter, its obvious people will speculate.

“MY Kids. This is what my life is about! Priorities be really f*ed up for some people. Blessed I’m not one of those idiots.”

Hmm..If she is talking about her kids, her priorities and someone whose priorities are out of place, the first person anyone would think of is her husband, could they be right?

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