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Social Media Posts Have Something To Say-Taylor Swift-Folklore

Do posts on social media reflect your personality? Does your last Instagram post expose your mental state to the world? Is your last tweet in just 280 characters enough for people to guess your mood?


The answer is mostly yes, the social media post in any format is a kind of expression, statement or agreement but then the answer is no when someone is pretending and you can't call their bluff.

People with a small fan following might not care much about what people may conclude but social media celebrities with large fan following and an attached business to it, have to be more diplomatic and populous in their posts.

With a mere following of some 1,000 people I might say "All Lives Matter" or "Trump Is Bad" and get away without online trolling but can you imagine what will happen to Taylor Swift if she posts a non-populous statement?

According to Hopper HQ, celebrities on social media are earning millions for a post so they have to be extra careful, why wouldn't they be?

Most of the times celebrities are in their furrow as they don't make any political or social changes, they might be sharing posts with a more personal touch and these posts may decode their state of mind but few months before releasing their work celebrities start speaking what their analytics team point as the populous statement.


Taylor Swift has been making political statements lately to resonate with her fans as now fewer fans are interested in her love life. Lets go through her past few posts to understand if Taylor Swift has bluffed her fans by resonating with their thought process.

By the way today is July 24th, 2020, I am working from home and the world is still dealing with the global pandemic but with respect to the post, the more important news is Taylor Swift has dropped a new album "Folklore" and the fans cannot stop talking about it.

Here you can watch the single "Cardigan" from Taylor Swift's Folklore;

Lets go to a couple of her Instagram posts to see how much Taylor Swift revealed about herself and when she tried hard to catch the trending topic to resonate with the majority of her fans.

Taylor Swift's post of her cat with the caption "Captain Olivia Benson off duty like-" came right at the time of #QuarantineCats, but this post has more of a personal touch or her own feeling involved, a proud cat mom trying to bring her kitty in the limelight.

The post resonates with billions of those who were in lockdown at the initial phase of the global pandemic. As the caption reads "Not a lot going on at the moment".

And again the same moment that everyone has gone through, the time we have received during the lockdown has led many to retrospect and cherish the good memories. We have all during the tough time appreciated everything we had. The way she has described her bond with her mother is nothing but her internal beauty that we generally miss with flash and jazz around her.


She write "My conversations with my mom have always been and will always be some of my favorite memories - from when I was 10 months old in this video from October 1990 to now talking every day on the phone. Our talks are everything to me. Myyyyyyyy goodness I love you Mom. Happy Mother’s Day. 💐 PS for those of you who are separated from your loved ones or struggling with this day, my heart is with you 💗"


And the baking experiment, cooking, cleaning without help has been trending topics as well and you can't blame her for catching the trend to show off her buns.


Taylor Swift has made some political and social statements related to the killing of "George Floyd" and "Black Lives Matter" but in general her posts suggest she is more of a girl next door and not too dissimilar to her fans.

All the celebrities have an obligation to reach out to their fans for the sake of maintaining the engagement but Taylor Swift's social media engagement is really swift and effortless.

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