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So You Got Her Number, What's Next?

Scoring a girl whom you like is classified as one of the toughest thing in the world. But what if you are a step closer to it? Her body language has sent you enough signals and you were lucky enough to get introduced by a common friend, or maybe you were courageous enough to make the first move yourself.

The litmus test of She is really into you is getting her phone number or these days even DM on Instagram does the magic. If you have crossed that hurdle, you are a step closer, Congratulations!

But going back to square one after hitting the first milestone hurts a little more, texting is an easy way to keep in touch but not that easy peasy game to build a reputation or develop a relationship. You have to ace the game before even sending a "Ssup", forget about planning Netflix and Chill already.

This post is all you need right now as we discuss the Do's and Don't while texting your crush.

These points are no guarantee that there would be a happy ending but definitely makes the texting experience better and will certainly help you become a pro at your text game. Again the points are not rocket science and easy to remember and even easier to implement.


Win Her Over Text



There is a notion that the first mover is on the receiving end and texting her right after getting the number makes you look desperate is absolutely wrong. If you think you are the only lucky guy in town who has her number, wake up buddy before she friendzones you, it will be pretty bad if it was before you could even make your first move.

The tiny moment you had before you scored her number is the launchpad and you have to keep the momentum up. If you delay texting her, she may assume you are not interested or she just forgets about you.

Not texting on 3rd day is critical and alarming.

TEXT Things That Make Her Curious

When you text her, have the matters ready, do your homework. It may sound like an interview but bottomline is you want to be selected so treat the opportunity as important as a job interview.

Try to lead the conversation that shows positivity, bashing someone or complaining about something doesn't make you a hero. Also lead the conversation to your area of interest without letting her know, let her put a point of view and if you are sharp and smart you can give her a new perspective on the topic. Trust me she would acknowledge it too.

Don't Be Creepy And Don't Be Cryptic

Unless you are looking for a one night stand, don't send cheesy one liners or lead the conversation to a sensual topic, slow down, you will have all your life to discuss your fantasies.

Don't over do the emojis and don't send texts with double meaning. If you think you can't read between the lines, don't even try sending forwarded messages or jokes.

You don't have to be dead serious but make sure every word and sentence you write should imply how positive you are in your life.

Don't Be Available Always

This is also a part of keeping the curiosity alive, don't be available all the time. If someone has suggested that your response to her text in microseconds will make her think you are very much into her and will always be there, then that is wrong. It will only make her worried about her personal space and your dependency on her. No one is willing to take that kind of responsibility these days.

Your "Me Time" sends a signal you have other better things to do as well rather than being a bot that responds right away. Also don't respond harshly or send rough messages if things are not moving forward or she doesn't seem interested. That will be a lost cause.

Talk To More Than One Girl

Even if you believe in the concept of a soulmate and you are convinced she is the one, talk to as many girls as you can, that will automatically implement all the above guidelines we have outlined. You will be more confident, you will have less time for each girl and you won't be waiting for the whole day for a mere response.

Conversation is not cheating unless you are a pro at using video chats to take thing to another level. In that case you are definitely at the wrong place, maybe you should contact us and be a contributor.

While bringing in all the thoughts together and personal experience with respect to texting, I think there is way more that needs to be discussed.

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