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SNL's Pete Davidson Isn't Married, Despite False Statement From a Fake Press Release

Rumours have a way of becoming believable so it’s good to always get some clarity. On Tuesday 16th March a company called “Bodega Cats Presents” an experiential and digital entertainment group, claimed Pete Davidson founded the company and served as a silent partner over the last year and would be formally joining the company as co-founder and co-CEO, before casually revealing that his supposed partner in the new business venture was also his spouse. who is also his childhood friend Michelle.

Now with it the being internet, I am sure everyone by now knows how quickly things can spread. So it’s no surprise when the internet temporarily went wild thinking that the SNL comedian may have gotten married, leading to much confusion, but fear not his rep quickly set the record straight from this false press release.

Though no one knows how this press release managed to make its way around as quickly as it did the news was indeed completely fake.

“Not a word of it is true” Pete Davidson’s attorney told Page Six.

Mr. Davidson has no idea who this person is. We are investigating and considering all legal and equitable remedies.”

Wow, crazy. Pete has not been publicly linked to anyone since his split from Ariana Grande in 2018, a relationship which many thought progressed at the speed of light because the twowent from hanging out and being flirty on social media to sporting matching tattoos and getting engaged in a matter of weeks. This was only a few days after they made their relationship Instagram official, but it was short lived and the two called it off after just four months.

With a record for such speedy proposals, it is somewhat understandable why people may have believed this rumour but good to be able to separate the truth from fake news.

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