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Should Harry apologise during walk with Prince Charles is a question many are asking

After the death of his grandfather, Prince Philip, Harry put aside his differences to attend the funeral and make an effort with the royals despite all he has been through recently but a question that is now being asked is should Harry apologise to prince Charles. Express has even put together a poll asking for views.

It would appear that the royals so far have been too busy to spend time with each other, but Prince Charles has been reported to have cleared his diary for his son Prince Harry who will be spending one-on-one time with his father and head for a walk around the grounds of Windsor palace on 18th April. The walk will be the first since the Harry and Meghan Markle Oprah interview.

During the funeral on Saturday 17th April, if the royal family was keeping up appearances then it would seem all was calm, forgiven and forgotten. Harry 36 was spotted chatting to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge after the ceremony and appeared mostly calm.

This was of course seen by many to be a big step towards rebuilding the broken relationship between the two, Harry had not been seen speaking to his father so the walk on April 18th is a positive step, particularly given Harry has revealed that his father has refused to take calls after he stepped back from his senior royal role and move to the US.

The royal family had even cut him off financially when he, Meghan and Archie were staying at a remote mansion on Vancouver Island in March 2020. Then there was the revelation of racial comments against his son Archie. The royal family said the matters raised would be dealt with privately.

The question around Harry should apologise remains a tricky question, on the one hand Harry hasn’t done anything wrong in speaking of his experiences with the world. On the other hand the royal family takes a differing view and feel their name had been dragged into something that his wife, Meghan had brought along. Is it time to put differences aside regardless of an apology? Tell us what you think.

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