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Shanna Moakler is very comfortable with "nudity" and Alabama and Landon wouldn't be surprised

Shanna Moakler has pretty much put it out there that she doesn’t like her ex-husband’s relationship with Kourtney Kardashian and her kids Landon and Alabama Barker have pretty much made it known that they don’t like her. The question is has her decision to join Onlyfans something that will just make it worse.

Speaking to Page Six about her decision to sign with Unruly agency to launch an account on Onlyfans the former Playmate claims;

“I’m not going to get too crazy just yet, but I’m definitely going to have some fun. I want to show all different facets of my life, so I’m going to be showing things from me doing yoga, taking people on set, cooking, all things that I like to do that’s fun and do it in a sexy fun way.”

The mother of Alabama and Landon goes on to add;

“I’m really staying true to who I am as a person and what I’m comfortable with. I’m very comfortable with nudity. I always have been being a former Playmate, being in Maxim … I’m not trying to get crazy in my career now at my age, but I’m definitely willing to have some fun and make it a great experience for everybody.”

Of course she has the clearance from Matthew Rondeau, but her kids may take a different view though she doesn’t think they should be surprised.

“I don’t think my kids are going to be on that website at any point in time, but my children do know I’m a former Playboy Playmate. We used to spend all our Easters at the Playboy Mansion, and I think there’s definitely a way of transitioning your kids into letting them know what kind of content you do do and don’t do.” She explains.

She went on to add;

“There’s thousands of Playmates and there are thousands of Playmates who are mothers and their kids survive just fine.”

Very true, however we all know most of those mothers have a good relationship with their kids unlike Shanna so maybe flaunting herself isn’t wise. Though as she said they wont be able to see the content and they are already used to her behaviour so it should come as no surprise.

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