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Selena Gomez finds love again with Miami Heat player Jimmy Butler

When Justin Bieber split up with Selena Gomez and got together with Hailey Bieber the world was divided. While fans of Hailey Bieber were pleased she found love, fans of Selena Gomez were disappointed she did not.

Selena’s on and off relationship with Justin Bieber ended in May 2018 prior to which she had been dating The Weeknd in 2017. After that she was linked to Niall Horan in 2019 but mainly remained single. It seems 28 year old Selena may have found love again with 31 year old Miami Heat player Jimmy Butler according to Miami Herald.

Rumors first started on Instagram gossip page Deuxmoi where a conversation was posted in mid November. Users claimed Selena had been spotted at an upscale French bistro Lucien in the East Village. Some had overheard staff saying that she was coming in while others saw the pair dining together.

The message which was shared read;

‘Selena Gomez spotted with Jimmy Butler at Lucein. Seemed like a date.
'100% sure they were together obvi I cant speak to if it was ACTUALLY a date, but they were together.’

Two days earlier, on 13 November, Twitter user Chris Piro wrote;

“Jimmy butler and Selena Gomez weird couple man. Sources: Dude just trust me"

Kaitlin Nowak with whom Butler shares a 1 year old daughter had unfollowed Selena on Instagram, another clue for fans that he may be dating Selena Gomez. It is reported that until October 2020 Kaitlin had been celebrating Butler’s success.

While no photos or videos of the performer and athlete have surfaced yet according to the Sun, fans are excited about the idea of this new rumored romance, finding it “surprising.”

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