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Scott Disick's ex Sophia Richie has unfollowed his new girlfriend Amelia Hamlin

I don’t want to see you anymore has an easy millennial version, unfollowing on social media account. 37 year old Scott Disick’s ex girlfriend Sofia Richie, 22 has actually made a similar statement by unfollowing her friend Amelia Hamlin, 19 and family.

Sophie feels betrayed

According to the reports it seems she feels betrayed by her family friend as Amelia’s romance with her ex Scott Disick has been making news.

Both Scott, and Sophia, moved on quickly after splitting in August this year but seeing her family friend dating her ex has made her uncomfortable.

In an article Mail Online referred to a source saying;

‘Sophia has unfollowed Lisa Rinna and the Hamlin sisters on Instagram. She feels betrayed that Amelia is now dating Scott as they were ‘family friends’.’

Earlier Sophia also cut off her social media ties with the Reality Show personality Scott Disick and his other ex, Kourtney Kardashian, 41, on Instagram.

Amelia and father-of-three Scott were seen together at Kendall Jenner’s Halloween party and since then their dating rumor started and it was confirmed when the two were seen together in Malibu.

Amelia's parents are also worried about their 19 year old daughter dating the father of three

It seems the whole world is just against this relationship as Amelia’s parents Lisa and Harry Hamlin are reportedly ‘worried’ about their daughter’s new romance with the reality star, because he has ‘baggage’.

According to The Sun, the potential of their teen daughter embarking on a romance with the father-of-three has become a cause for concern.

Now this could be the reason Scott is going the extra miles to win over Amelia’s sister Delilah to get her on his side by randomly sending a strange DM to Megan from Love Island demanding she apologises for her behaviour towards Delilah’s boyfriend, Eyal Booker.

Concluding thoughts

It is frustrating to see your friend dating your ex but if Sophia is thinking Amelia somewhere was the reason for her split with Scott, she will definitely feel betrayed. What do you think?

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