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Scott Disick Is Extremely Disturbed Seeing Growing Intimacy BW Kourtney Kardashian And Travis Barker

Life has come to a full circle as far as Keeping up with the Kardashians is concerned , the first season was not much about Khloe, Kylie or Kendall, so isn't the final one.

The old wine Kourtney and Kim are keeping the viewers interested and the contrast is evident, you look at one side Kim is losing her stability in life as she has filed for divorce and then on the other side you have Kourtney, who is keeping things sizzling as she is growing closer to Travis Barker.

And a recent pic posted on Kourtneys Instagram pretty much sealed the deal, In the post Kourtney Kardashian is seen Passionately Kissing Travis Barker in Thong Bikini which was captioned: 'Just Like Heaven'

The man of the moment in Kourts life, Travis Barker responded to the post commenting "Everything" with a black heart emoji.

Now you see things are perfect between the love birds but the comment section was filled with concern for Scott Disick.

Well this is a tough time for Scott as even the insiders are showing concern.

According to sources, "Scott has really distanced himself from Kourtney recently,"

"Of course they are still cordial when it comes to the kids, but they aren't hanging out as much or doing things as a family. The communication has become strictly about the kids."
"It's uncomfortable for Scott to see Kourtney in a serious relationship, although he knew this day would come," another source says.
"He is glad she is happy, but it's definitely been hard on him. He doesn't like to bring it up and it's a weird convo for him. At one point, the family was really encouraging Scott and Kourtney to try the relationship again and it's a bit of an eye opener for him, that it's truly never going to happen."

"He is trying to adjust and be a grown up about it, but seeing Kourtney get so serious with someone so quickly is not easy—especially someone they have known for so long," says YET ANOTHER source.
"Scott has never been comfortable seeing Kourtney with guys, but this feels different. Kourtney is all in with Travis and the kids like him too. It feels to Scott like they are merging their families and going full steam ahead. That has made him very uncomfortable and he's trying to figure out where he fits in."

So even before the final season of "Keeping Up With The Kardashian" started airing, Scott opened up about his willingness to settle down with Kourtney, it was weird as he was dating Amelia Hamlin and the relationship is still going on, so what was he thinking.

There is no denial losing the mother of your child to another man is tough but so is losing the father of your child multiple times to girls half their age.

The best option for Scott is to keep his emotions in control and continue his cordial relationship with Kourtney Kardashian for the sake of their kids.

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