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Scott Disick Has a Heart-to-Heart Chat With Kourtney Kardashian About Sofia Richie Split

A new sneak peak of the Keeping Up With the Kardashian comes with some interesting news about Kourtney Kardashian and ex Scott Disick as he discusses his relationship with Sofia Richie.

In the video Kourtney asks about Sofia, “I heard you are on a break,” she says curious to know what had happened to which he says;

“I think people just come into our lives and maybe think it’s easier than they think,” he replies.

He goes on to explain the baggage he comes when she asks him to clarify what he means by “easier”.

“Easier to be with you or to be with me, but it’s very true that we do come with a lot of baggage,” Disick explains. “And it’s definitely not easy that we see each other, work together, and are friends.”

Hmm…interesting, to an outsider it may sounds like he is spending a lot of time with his ex, though he does go on to clarify that its primarily because he sees his children as his top priority. Fair enough we say, except he ends with;

“I even put it out there that taking care of you is one of my priorities.”

Wow, is this him confessing some sort of feelings?

The conversation is interrupted by Disick’s confessional, describing Richie as;

“an absolute trooper, but the truth is, anybody dating somebody is gonna feel neglected when their significant other is spending more time with their ex than with them.”

That is true Scott, so why have you been doing that we wonder.

The camera then cuts back to Kourtney Kardashian and Disick on the sofa, where he tells her,

“Are we just gonna, like, grow old, travelling the world with the kids, living like one house down from each other or together at some point?”

This is sounding more and more like he is trying to assess whether Kourtney may feel something for him, except she goes on to make her feelings known.

“Well, it’s great that we can do that with the kids and the kids, like, love it, you know?” she responds. “But… and I do think like we need to be respectful of our relationship and make sacrifices for that, if it means a lot to you.”

Wow “if it means a lot to you”, is she saying that he should have made some sacrifices if Sofia had meant a lot to him?

Of course this is a sneaky peak, the real ins and outs will be known when the episode airs. We do however know that both have moved on to dating others. Scott is with Amelia Hamlin while Kourtney is with Travis Scott, but it seems there is more to the story of what happened between Disick and Kourtney and we are looking forward to finding out more.

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