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Rita Ora isn't Black, fans feel cheated

Lockdown has left us all with ample time to ponder over things that never really bothered us. Millions were watching Ellen Degeneres daily but no one had time to expose her facade of kindness, but it seems Covid-19 quarantine has quarantined her talk show forever.

Black Lives Matter movement has added another level to it and people openly started discussing skin color that was once a taboo subject.

The latest victim of extra time syndrome is Rita Ora. A viral tweet reminded the twitteratis that Rita's both parents are white and fans feel cheated accusing her of "Blackfishing"because her hairstyles at most occasions had close resemblance to black culture.

Now even Rita Ora can turn around and call these fans racist as Rita has never shied away from disclosing her heritage, but in the era of social media and empowered fans, you have to play it safe.

Let's see some of the tweets and how fans are reacting over the blackfishing allegations.

The tweet by @slitmyclitt has 111K likes and maybe this is where it all started and looks like it might turn into a movement.

Now here is an honest reaction;

These are just some of the tweets and the complaints. The dismay is endless, but are you really going to blame someone for not shouting out about her heritage and do whatever they want to do with their body? What happened to "My Body My Choice"

For those who don't know Rita Ora is a 29-year-old singer whose family is from Kosovo and fans assumed that she was black or mixed race and according to;

In 2016, Wendy Williams told Ora, "I thought you were half-Black and half-white, or something like that."
Ora replied: "Everybody usually does. I might as well be. But no, I'm Albanian."

Let's cut her some slack and move on to someone else :D

#RitaOra #RitaOraIsntBlack #RitaOraBlackfishing

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