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Rihanna apologises to Muslims for Islamic verse at Savage X Fenty show, has she been forgiven?

Rihanna has apologised to the Muslim community for using Islamic verse at Fenty lingerie fashion show, calling it a careless mistake.

On Friday the Savage X Fenty show played on Amazon Prime, and, many tuned in as last year's show which focussed on body diversity was a hit. However, many were shocked to discover that one of the catwalk songs called 'Doom' by Coucou Cloe had an Islamic verse from the hadith re-mixed into it.

A hadith is a narrative record of the sayings and customs of the Prophet Muhammed and companions. These script are extremely sacred to Muslims.

Reaction to the re-mix

One user posted;

Another user wrote that this was a very specific Hadith which required someone to search for it implying it may have been intentional;

Another wrote:

Apology from Coucou Chloe

Coucou Chloe immediately responded to the backlash, explaining that the song used online samples and hadn’t been researched. She wrote;

Savage X Fenty's Instagram apology through DM

Savage X Fenty’s Instagram account also responded to the criticism via DM. According to screenshots posted online, the brand said:

"We truly apologize for the song that appeared in the Savage X Fenty show. We shouldn't have used it. The song's vocal tracks are being replaced and the show is being edited. We have nothing but the utmost respect and love for the Muslim community."

Rihanna's apology

Rihanna herself also apparently responded to the controversy via DM, explaining that it was "never [her] intention" to offend anybody, but on Tuesday, Rihanna publicly apologised, posting a statement on her Instagram story and calling it an "honest, yet careless mistake".

Muslim Community's response to Rihanna

So far it seems the Muslim community has forgiven her, one user wrote;

Another wrote;

"So proud of her man I was honestly so disappointed and disheartened by this whole thing because of how much I love her and I really love how she went about this and gave a proper apology and educated herself in the process."

All seems to have been forgiven for what seemed to have been a mistake but we wait to see how it unfolds with time.

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