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Queen Elizabeth once threw a pair of shoes, tennis racket at Prince Philip in spat caught on camera

If you’ve ever gotten annoyed with your partner and thrown anything that you could get hold of, you don’t need to be embarrassed, it is not as classless as you thought; well the queen did it too in her weak moments. Though it is hard to imagine the king and queen fighting like cats and dogs, getting upset and annoyed is pretty much part of any relationship.

And if reports are to be believed, just like in any marriage, Queen Elizabeth II occasionally gets annoyed at her husband. Looking at the serenity of the queen that we have been seeing in public It is funny to imagine her highness throwing utensils or anything towards her partner out of anger but Royal expert Ingrid Seward has revealed it in a recently published book on the Duke of Edinburgh titled “Prince Philip Revealed: A Biography,” which takes a closer look at the 99-year-old’s life.

Talking to Fox News Seward has revealed the high temper exchange between the royal couple and said The couple was on a royal tour of Australia in 1954 when they were given a rare weekend off for themselves. However, the exhausted pair were also in the middle of filming a documentary about their visit. According to Seward, tempers were running high.

“Their tempers were much frayed,” she explained. “This film crew was standing outside their little holiday villa. The next thing they knew, Prince Philip appeared on the balcony, followed by a tennis racket and a pair of tennis shoes thrown at his head.
The queen came out and shouted at him to come back. She then grabbed Philip and dragged him back inside. Of course, you can imagine how this sort of frumpy press secretary at the time was absolutely terrified.”

Seward claimed the royal press secretary demanded the crew to shut off their cameras or they would be arrested.

“He ran over to the crew and said, ‘We cannot have this on film,’” said Seward. “‘This is a disaster. Give me your film. You weren’t mean to be filming this.'"

According to Seward, the film was reportedly handed over to Elizabeth. She later came out to meet the crew and thanked them.

“I am sorry for that little interlude,” she reportedly said. “But as you know it happens in every marriage, doesn’t it?”

While it is part of most of relationships, knowing the queen did it in her youth does not give us a free pass to throw objects and be violent with our partners.

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