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Putin’s Political Opponent and Critic Has Come Out Of Coma

Alexei Navalny who was allegedly poisoned that has pushed him in coma has started responding to speech as confirmed by Berlin’s Charite Hospital.

Navalny fell ill while travelling on domestic flight in Russia and was later airlifted to Germany for safety reasons and better treatment.

According to the statement released by the hospital:

“It remains too early to gauge the potential long term effects of his severe poisoning”

According to Reuters

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has said her government has concluded Navalny, 44, was poisoned with Novichok, the same substance that Britain said was used against a Russian double agent and his daughter in an attack in England in 2018.

Moscow has out rightly denied finding any kind of poison in their investigation.

Alexei Navalny’s alleged poisoning has increased tension for Vladimir Putin as a number of German politicians are expecting Russia to come clean on circumstances around Navalny’s poisoning otherwise suggesting withdrawal of support from project Nord Stream 2.

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