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Prince Philip may not have liked Piers Morgan as much as he liked him

Piers Morgan may be a fan of the royal family but it would seem not every member of the royal family is a fan of him. As Piers Morgan recalls the brief encounters he has had with Prince Philips he talks of the time he met him after the first Britain’s Got Talent winner performed at the Royal Variety Show in 2007.

Writing in his Mail on Sunday column, Piers talked of speaking to the queen and her late husband, Duke of Edinburgh who died last week.

‘Did you enjoy Paul’s performance?’ Piers said he asked her majesty.

She replied: ‘Oh yes. [Looking at Paul] You were very good.’ But Prince Philip was less cordial, and looking at Piers as he asked: ‘You’re judges, is that right?’

Piers replied: ‘Yes, sir.’

He continued: ”So,” he [Prince Philip] scoffed, peering at the three of them with undisguised scorn according to Piers before pointing to Paul and adding “you lot sponge off him then?”

Only Prince Philip can make such a comment and get away with it, we have to say but seems like Piers took it perhaps in the spirit it was intended and saw it's funny side.

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