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Prince Harry is "regretful and embarrassed" and is in for a "difficult ride" say Royal Biographer

A royal biographer is predicting Harry and Meghan’s future and it doesn’t seem rosy. As reported by Page Six, according to the biographer Prince Harry is likely feeling “regretful and embarrassed” for attacking his family in his TV tell-all Oprah Winfrey — while his wife, Meghan Markle, is “in her element,” and the couple is now in for a “difficult ride.”

Speaking to UK’s Closer magazine, a royal insider Duncan Larcombe – who spent 10 years as a royal editor and wrote the best-selling biography Prince Harry: The Inside Story – now tells Closer that Harry will have returned home feeling more confused than ever. He also claims that Prince Harry is a “hot-headed guy”.

He says,

“I’ve heard Harry was feeling numb heading back to LA. You could see in his face at the funeral that he was torn. He didn’t think he’d have to face his family so soon – and when he did, he had mixed emotions. Apparently, talks with his dad and William were positive and productive – he and William had a real heart to heart before he returned. Coming home has reminded him of everything he’s sacrificed in recent years – and of the recent damage done.”

Speaking of Meghan he claims she is in her elements.

“Meghan’s in her element – she’s a former actress who worked in TV and film, and grew up in LA. She’ll be elated. Her dream was always LA.."

“So these two feelings – Meghan excited for their future and Harry nostalgic for his old life – are bound to cause tension for them. I can’t see how Harry can live this new life and keep things harmonious with his family.
I imagine William and Charles tried to establish some boundaries during their heart to heart. But I honestly think this whole thing is a lose-lose situation. I just don’t think that Harry will be able to live harmoniously as a part of these two worlds – the royals and the LA showbiz world. He’s in for a very difficult ride. There could be tough times ahead.”

Interesting perspective, judging by the fact that Harry left just before the Queen’s birthday being torn and nostalgic about his old life wasn’t really the vibe that was being given off. Tell us what you think, is the biographer right or has he got the wrong end of the stick?

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