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Plies removes his gold teeth and holds a funeral service for his teeth

Some trends are difficult to comprehend, gold teeth being one of them. So when Plies the rapper who is well known for his songs “Shawty” and “Bust It Baby” first got a set of gold teeth people were somewhat divided in their views of whether they liked it or not. Of course his fans thought they looked good but many including his mother did not appear to approve.

However when he finally decided to get rid of his signature gold crowns in favour of all white teeth, many were pleased and the topic quickly became among top 10 trending topics on Twitter by Friday.

Plies announces he removes his gold teeth

On Friday morning he tweeted;

"I Just Showed My Mom My New Smile. She Hugged Me Started Crying & Said 'I Finally Got My Baby Back,' " he tweeted "One Of The Proudest Days Of My Life."

Reaction on Twitter of Plies announcement

Those among his nearly 1 million followers on his Twitter mostly approved of his new smile, with comments like "You look so good!" and "You have always been handsome either way."

Missy Elliott also approved of the new look, writing;

One Twitter user wrote that him showing his intellectual side recently talking about politics was appealing. However, “Now he done took the gold teeth out. I Stan.'

'I think you look only a million times better,' chimed in another person.

The funeral for his gold teeth

The 44 year old didn’t only replace his gold teeth but he also had a funeral for his gold crowns in a funny symbolic funeral.

In the clip he plays a sad melody in the background that sounded as if it was playing from his phone and says;

"It's a sad day today, y'all. It's a very sad day."

"We're all gathered here today to bury my gold teeth," he said while showing the crowns in a tooth shaped plastic container.

"Been a long time coming," he continued as he held up one of the crowns.

He continued with some crude humour in his usual manner;

"I done ate some good [word ommitted] with these teeth right here. Some good [word ommitted],' he said as someone off camera laughed. 'But like they say, all great things must come to an end."

The funny clip ended with the musician shoveling a thin layer of dirt over the crowns with a tiny spoon.

Plies real name is Algernod “Nod” Lanier Washington. He dropped out of college and founded a record company with his stepbrother. His first album dropped in 2007, with hits including “Shawty” and “Hypnotized." His gold teeth have been quite symbolic for him and were part of his look during his music career. Today he has a total net worth of $14 million.

Plies gold teeth have certainly been memorable and set him apart from many. Whether you loved them or not, I think most are pretty happy with his new look. Tell us what you think.

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